June 7, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Dangerous strain of COVID-19 from India can make people who are already infected | The world

The COVID-19 variant of the corona virus, first identified in India, is highly contagious and could be contracted by people who are already infected or only partially vaccinated, according to a panel of Indian government scientists.

Named the “Delta” variant by the World Health Organization (), Is estimated to be 50% more prevalent than the variant first detected in the UK, according to researchers at the SARS-CoV-2 Genetic Federation of India and the National Center for Diseases.

Scientists have warned that “previous infections and partial vaccination are not sufficient barriers to their spread as seen in Delhi, and a strong global public health response is needed to control them.”

This variation is spread across more than 50 countries , Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that its rapid spread could affect the reopening of the economy.

New cases from India are declining in big cities, but rural areas continue to be plagued by second epidemics. Experts warn that vaccinations need to be accelerated to prevent future outbreaks in populations over 1.3 billion.

Experts and government officials have said They are important for opening up certain parts of the country that have been closed for several weeks.

Some states, such as Delhi and Modi’s home state of Gujarat, are gradually easing restrictions. In Gujarat, the Gujarat government announced that authorities have allowed shops and other businesses to remain open for longer from Friday.

“As states reopen, the recovery from this wave will be more gradual than last year,” said Darren Aw, economist at Capital Economy. “But the slow rendering of the levels raises the threat of new outbreaks quickly, and may be with infectious variants.”

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In the last 24 hours on Friday, 132,364 new corona virus infections were reported, while the death toll rose to 2,713, less than a month.

The number of infections is 28.6 million, the second highest in the world, with a death toll of 340,702, according to the Ministry of Health.

Experts believe that the actual numbers are very high because the official number of people only register cases tested for the virus. Many people in rural areas where two-thirds of the population lives in India have not been tested.