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The program, previously announced in February 2019, was delayed due to an epidemic.

Getting well-fitting clothes has always been a problem for most Indians. Visit a great tailor for the right pair or commit to a UK-12 or US-14 size. Changing clothes has been a common occurrence for so many years, but have we ever realized that the Indian body type needs the right size?

There is a solution to India’s size survey titled INDIAsize. It proposes a standardized size chart for ready-made clothing that 60-70% of people can find the perfect fit, compared to 30-40% today. It is a joint venture between the Ministry of Textiles and the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). The massive national survey will create an anthropological database of measurements for Indians and help boost apparel retail. The program, previously announced in February 2019, was delayed due to an epidemic.

However, the survey will generate a size identification number for a client, classify, and define body size and type. Grab items of 100 points and anthropological data such as height, weight, waist size, waist size, bust size, wrist measurement. “The survey will enable manufacturers to produce products that fit the target consumer’s body size and help consumers identify the size that suits them. The findings will have applications in other industries as well. The information obtained from these data will enable them to design ergonomically designed products tailored to the Indian population,” said Textiles Secretary Upendra Prasad. IAS).

In India, most local brands accept the US and UK size charts, while international brands sell their global sizes. Until now, India has used international standards, but they do not apply to everyone. “If you ask anyone for their size, they will give you different sizes for different brands, so what we are looking for should have a numeric value that I can get from anywhere in the world,” says Nupur Anand, a professor and lead researcher. Of the project.

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“The project will not only create internationally recognized standardized clothing sizes for Indian consumers and global fashion industry, but will also enhance the clothing fit for greater comfort and aesthetics among Indian buyers and benefit other industries.

Approved by the Government of India and supported by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CMAI) Industrial Federation, the project involves the pioneering and representative association of the Indian apparel industry, measuring 25,000 people between the ages of 15 and 65 years. Years. Using 3D body scanning technology without human-safe contact in six cities located in six parts of India (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Shillong).

Although all safety protocols are taken into account during infections, the scanned case is unique to each person scanned on the machine. “It is a scientific exercise in which anthropological data is collected from a sample population, creating a standardized size table using human-safe 3D full-body scanner technology that follows all international protocols of the national survey and is truly representative of the Indian population, which is then adopted by the apparel industry. , ”Says NIFT CEO Chandamanu. Since July 2021, NIFT Delhi has been collecting data from more than 5,000 models as the first phase of data collection.

The survey is being conducted with the support of Design Smith and the location for the scan is the selected Citywalk in New Delhi, where a kiosk has been set up to test people’s 3D body scanners. “This initiative will give a better understanding of Indian clothing sizes as opposed to global standards like US and UK sizes,” says Yogeshwar Sharma.

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