March 21, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Criticism rained on Juanes’ wife, Karen Martinez, during her visit to India

Ever since Colombian designer Karen Martinez arrived in India on February 27, she has been sharing her various experiences living in the country on her social networks.

For a long time, the wife of singer Juanes wanted to know the Mecca of Hinduism, which is why she told her almost one and a half million followers very happily. “I have come to India, a trip I have dreamed of all my life. This adventure is just beginning, but it promises to be like what I saw in my dreams one day,” he said in his first release.

The experience of Colombians in India has taught them how some of the most recognized places in the world look, from everyday activities such as how to wear a sari or ride a camel or the popular street cart tuk tuk. their cities.

One of the experiences he shared was that ‘Holi Festival’ is one of the most important festivals in India as it is a place where they welcome spring and for them it is a festival of expressing love through colors and colored powders. Radha and Krishna celebrate.

In a March 5 post, the host shared her experience with the camel, highlighting how incredible these animals are and how they represent “strength, recognition and above all, loyalty.”

Despite highlighting the almost religious similarity between camels and humans, many did not understand why he rode on their backs, as many of his followers pointed out that they were animals exploited only for tourism. “They are slaves to take these photos for tourist networks! It’s not right”, “You are lending credit to exploitation, your post is contradicting” he revealed on his account.

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Juanes’ wife and a television presenter responded to these comments “Camels are pack animals, nobody treats them badly here, we walk in the desert, what’s the problem? It’s the same as riding a horse, right?” Because he rode?”

The truth is that for many Colombians, the experience of living in India was very dear to her, and through her they were able to share the culture of a distant country.