April 1, 2023

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Covit-19: When will flights from Brazil, India and South Africa return? Rewtley | Answers

The Has extended the suspension of flights from , And this , Aimed at preventing the spread And protecting people in the midst of a health crisis.

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The MTC Next Ministry of Health (Mincha) In order to reduce the risk of infection, they are developing measures related to the restrictions on aviation operations COVID-19, By which action New suspension of flights from South Africa, Brazil and India from August 16 to 31.

Presented by this decision taken by the Department of Transportation , Published in Legal Terms Bulletin of the Official Gazette El Peruvano.

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It should be noted that there are passengers on international flights entering Peru Should give negative COVID-19 antigen or molecular test results, As stated Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The results Molecular tests must be provided 72 hours prior to dispatch, And this Antigen testing 24 hours before flightThis is due to the virus detection capabilities in each of the mentioned tests.

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Similarly, passengers Wear a double mask when traveling And complete the passenger’s electronic health certificate Geolocation authentication72 hours before departure.

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MTC: Establish new speed limits on routes and tracks
To avoid traffic accidents, the Ministry of Transport and Communications has reduced speed limits on roads and streets. The maximum speed for vehicles went from 60 km / h to 50 km / h. (Source: Latin TV)
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