June 8, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Covid-19 in India: cases of coronavirus and vacuum on February 1

La pandemia of coronavirus All mousse dos aos, and los paws atravis distinas realidas medi that aparecen new mutaciones del virus and avanza el plan vacunacin en el mundo. In this on the 1st of February, in India The registry contains 161,364 cases of new Covid-19 and 1.728 valid passwords, all of which are based on authentication sanitarias.

A fecha, India acumula a total of 41,628,075 infected coronavirus y 497.996 fallecidos.

India’s encuentra in el puesto 2 los pauses con mayor cantidad de infectados por coronavirus. In this list of los primes die comp compose la siguiente manera: Estados Unidos (76.366.270 casos), India (41.628.075 casos), Brasil (25.454.105 casos), Francia (19.557.626 casos), Reino Unido (17.428.345 casos), Russia (11.986.913 casos), Turquía (11.722.483 casos), Italia (11.116.422 casos), Alemania (10.079.778 casos), España (10.039.126 casos).

Vacunaciin Covid 19 in India on 1st February

La campaña de The vacuum is contraindicated in coronavirus en India alcanza has a total of 1.664.786.038 application applications on 1st February. In this context, 943.027.714 people have a single dosage, meaning 709.926.447 or your ambassadors. In these cases, the deductible is 72.81% of the number of vacancies in the first vacancy, which is 54.81% of your dosage. Adams, a 0.91% share with a new account with a refresh.

En count al al nivel in immunización de la población, India In the latest post 89, with 1.664.786.038 dosis applications. In this list of the top 10 paise composes mane siguiente manera: Malta (1.243.066); Chile (47.198.749); Islandia (831.839); Maldivas (840.260); Bahrain (3.357.017); Emiratos Urabes Unidos (23.502.501); Dinamarca (13.136.604); Portugal (23.837.527); Singapore (12.684.264); Cuba (25.699.130).

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If you consider the population density, with 54.81%, the dosage is very low. India, colocan en el puesto 93 del ranking mundial. This list contains the following contents: Malta (99.99%); Maldivas (99.99%); Brunei (97.85%); Emiratos Urabes Unidos (94.33%); Chile (93.09%); China (89.11%); Portugal (88.68%); Camboya (88.06%); Cuba (87.41%); Corea del Sur (86.6%).