May 30, 2023

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COVID-19: Four communities detect local transference of Indian variant, but it has less than 1% diagnoses | Community

The delta variant of the corona virus, first detected in India, poses a threat. The UK has delayed its expansion by four weeks To prevent it after a sudden increase in cases, four communities in Spain (Madrid, Catalonia, Castilla Olion and Valencian community) have already recorded the social transmission of this lineage, but it is still a minority in the country: less than 1% of cases Recent Report of the Importance Categories by the Ministry of Health, Released this Monday.

Fernando Simon, director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES), this Monday underestimated the presence of Indian diversity in Spain: “Little by little it is possible to occupy a place, but today it is still about evidence cases. I do not think it will have a significant impact,” But we should not warn more than necessary when it’s not necessary.

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One problem with the delta variant is that it appears to be slightly more contagious and has a somewhat higher resistance to vaccines. At both levels, the differences are minimal and vaccines are very effective, especially in preventing severe cases. But when there is only one per person, the Indian variant is more contagious; Safety in both Pfizer and AstraZeneca drops to about 30%, compared to about 50% against the British variant. The UK Public Health Agency announced last week.

For this reason, the United Kingdom is trying to expedite the issuance of the first dose and the issuance of the second dose, quickly ending the guidelines for ending the safety of its citizens. In Spain it mainly affects 60 to 69 year oldsThe Ministry of Health recommends that between 12 weeks of puncture for those who have received AstraZeneca: only 26% of those in their sixties received a second injection, and more than 40% of those between the ages of 50 and 59 started later.

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The Madrid community already announced last week that it was cutting back on the system Up to 11 weeks, Simon welcomes to boost the immune system of the sixties. “If Madrid is in a state of contraction [la pauta], Is perfectly valid, but not for the delta variant, but for anyone. For any variation that may be subject to the effect of vaccines, it is good that we have a complete regulation as soon as possible. And, fortunately, immune leaks are so far minor. Madrid wants to guarantee full guidance to all people soon, and this is what all autonomous communities are trying to do, ”he said in his speech on Monday.

Arguing that British citizens can reach the country without the need for isolation, Madrid is demanding more restrictions on the Barajas airport. It is difficult for experts to predict how this will happen in our country, if it gradually takes on the whole environmental significance, it happened like the British, or vaccinations will stop it soon. In the United Kingdom, it is already prevalent, mainly spread by unvaccinated groups or with a single dose.

Many in the browser on Sanchez Beach (Pondevetra) on June 4th.Beatrice Ciscar (Europa Press)

The fact that there is a social exchange in Spain means that the localized cases are unrelated to the other or come from abroad. But they still make up a very small area. At least you know it. As Fernando Gonzalez Candelaz, a professor of genetics at the University of Valencia, explains, the random sequence of cases is slow: “We know what happened three to four weeks ago, but we do not know what the situation is now.”

Less than 1% of diagnoses reported by the Ministry of Health indicate a situation in mid-May. As for the candelabra, it is difficult to predict how it will behave and whether its presence will increase. “It’s a possibility, but it’s not the only one. We do not have enough data to predict what happened on a large scale.” It is not easy to know the cause of the increase in cases, “the expert concluded.

The phenomenon in Spain continues to decline

In Spain, the trend of the epidemic continues at a slow downward pace. There were 104 cases per 100,000 people in the last 14 days this Monday Recent Health Report. Andalusia has become an autonomous community with a high exchange rate (184), which fell in La Rioja to 180 on Monday. Only those that exceed the overall incidence of 100 cases. The Canary Islands, the Valencian community, Galicia and Murcia fall below 50.

Simon recalled that the spread occurs mainly in groups of young people who have not been vaccinated. “There are ups and downs in them, which will not allow the national global decline to accelerate,” he explained. The director of CCAES has warned that deaths may occur even if they are groups where the death of the virus is low, so the withdrawal of protective measures such as masks is considered in advance. “Outdoors it can be done quickly, but indoors it’s not time. Thanks to vaccines the limits should be lowered a little bit as the vaccine increases,” he concluded.