June 4, 2023

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Corona virus – India rejects WHO data estimating 4.7 million deaths from Govt-19 | The world

The Indian government on Thursday labeled the data used for the World Health Organization (WHO) report as “questionable”, with an estimated 4.7 million people dying. On top of that Ten times more than the official data handled by New Delhi.

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“The India It strongly opposes the use of mathematical models to estimate excess mortality estimates based on the availability of factual data, ”the Indian Ministry of Health said in a statement.

“The validity and robustness of the models used and the data collection method are questionable,” he added.

Government India Responds to a report from WHO The highest number of deaths in the world, between 2020 and 2021, is related Corona virusThus there were approximately 15 million direct and indirect deaths worldwide, more than double what was initially estimated.

India leads with 4.7 million deaths, ten times more than official data, Russia and Indonesia with more than one million deaths each, and the United States with 932,000.

Official figures from the Indian Ministry of Health confirm that 523,975 people died during the epidemic in the Asian country. Corona virus.

The Government of India last Tuesday, ahead of schedule, released data on the Civil Registration System (CRS), which includes data on births and deaths in 2020.

According to those data, India has recorded about 800,000 deaths in 2020 compared to the previous year. On this basis, the Government of India assures that there is nothing “dramatic” in the data claiming that millions of deaths were left unaccounted for.

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The India “We firmly believe that this strong and accurate data created by the legal framework of the Member State must be respected, accepted and used WHOInstead of believing in an inaccurate mathematical scheme based on unofficial data sources, ”he said.

Such ratings WHO They have already been submitted by other companies in the past. The Center for Global Development (CDG)’s study on India’s high mortality noted that up to five million deaths were reported in the country during epidemics almost a year ago.

India, which has always denied these calculations, weighs in at less than 2% Corona virus In this country with a population of 1.35 billion, compared to other affected countries.

The peak of the second wave Govit-19Between April and May 2021, devastating images of saturated hospitals and crematoriums in India were left, leaving no room to see the number of bodies arriving daily.

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