June 27, 2022

Great Indian Mutiny

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Corona virus | India: First COVID-19 patient in the country re-infected | NNDC | The world

First patient I was thus affected , A student in the Chinese city of Wuhan tested positive for COVID-19 for the second time. Confirmation of this case was provided by a medical officer to the international organization AFP.

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Young woman, 21 years old and originally from Southern State Kerala, Thrissur District Medical Officer Reena KJ said that there were no symptoms, but the house was isolated.

The patient was part of a group of outgoing Indian medical students Wuhan In January 2020 after the virus appeared in that city. He developed mild symptoms and tested positive on January 30, becoming the first Indian patient with COVID-19.

Since then, India It has collected more than 31 million cases and experienced more than 410,000 deaths, many of them in catastrophic waves in April and May.

Experts have warned that a new wave could strike India Within a few weeks, authorities launched a frantic vaccination campaign, which was hampered by a significant dose shortage.

Reference Image.  A health worker takes a sample of a napkin wipe from a woman during a corona virus test in India.  (Narinder I / AFP).
Reference Image. A health worker takes a sample of a napkin wipe from a woman during a corona virus test in India. (Narinder I / AFP).

The government has set a target of vaccinating all adults by the end of this year, but the campaign has been delayed and major cities such as Delhi and several states say the vaccinations are over.

On June 21, India provided more than 9 million doses after the government launched a new vaccine campaign. But since then that number has dropped to less than three million a day.

India So far it has vaccinated nearly 390 million people, making up less than 6% of its population in two doses and one in 23%.

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