June 7, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Corona virus in India today Monday, May 3, 2021: India touches 20 million Govt-19 cases after adding 368,147 new infections in a single day | Live | Minute by minute | New Delhi | Mumbai | The world

The India is approaching 20 million epidemics Medical centers in cities like New Delhi were forced to reject new patients as authorities were investigating whether a lack of oxygen in a hospital on Monday was the cause of death of 24 patients.

The second most affected country in the world, after the United States (32.4 million), has been plunged into a second wave of dizziness, which has limited its health system.

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19.9 million cases

The India According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, 368,147 new infections have been reported in the last 24 hours, the second consecutive day of decline since the country crossed the 400,000 positive mark for the first time on Saturday.

The country, with a population of about 1,350 million, has been diagnosed with 19.9 million infections since the outbreak began.

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The 3,417 new deaths recorded in the last 24 hours brought the death toll to 218,959, an official figure, which, according to many experts, may actually be higher due to the incessant work of crematoriums and cemeteries in cities like New Delhi.

Overall, it was 73.8% of the ten new daily infections in 36 regions of the country, including western Maharashtra, New Delhi or South Karnataka, while the positive rate was 21.2%, down from 6 a month ago. %

Investigate 24 deaths in one hospital

The second wave of malignancy Corona virus This has pushed the Indian health system to the limit and continues to cause deaths due to lack of medical oxygen.

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On the last day, 24 people died in a general hospital in the state of Karnataka which reduced the oxygen supply. A good portion of patients are receiving medical treatment due to the corona virus.

S. Suresh Kumar, the Karnataka education minister who was in charge of the incident and in charge of the Samarajanagar district, told EFI that the authorities were investigating the deaths and that this had caused outrage in the state.

It has been established that at this time, two people died at a time when the hospital was without oxygen and significant shipment of cylinders from another city was expected.

The India It has experienced many such incidents in recent weeks Corona virus It has broken all world records. On April 21, at least 22 COVID-19 patients died at a Maharashtra hospital, while dozens of patients were connected to respirators due to a leak from an oxygen tank.

In addition to oxygen generators, cylinders, concentrators and controllers, more than 40 countries have begun sending aid to India to cooperate in the fight against the disease, including ventilators and medical equipment.

Hospitals without oxygen-free spaces

In New Delhi, one of the worst-hit cities, many hospitals have announced that they will not accept more patients due to lack of oxygen.

“Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital in New Delhi will not accept any admission requiring oxygen or respiratory assistance due to irregular liquid oxygen supply,” the medical center said on Twitter last night.

This situation was due to the lack of beds in the Indian capital and the frustration of the seriously ill patients and their families, forcing some of them to go to another hospital in search of a place.

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There are 5,151 intensive care beds in New Delhi, and today only 26 are free, according to the New Delhi government.

Book for the new vaccination phase

The Asian country sees the best way out of this health crisis in the vaccine campaign, especially after the new phase that began last weekend was extended to benefit everyone over the age of 18.

The project started appropriately and initially with the announcement that they could not start some regions due to lack of dose. New Delhi gave a boost to the campaign by opening hundreds of centers today.

It has started vaccinating the youth in Delhi. We have established 301 centers in 76 schools. Our goal is to open 3,000 centers in 300 schools depending on the availability of vaccines, ”said Manish Sisodia, the capital’s second-in-command.

The vaccination rate has been slow since the vaccine campaign began in January, with about 157 million doses given so far.

In the last 24 hours, the country has issued just 1.2 million vaccines, one of the lowest in recent weeks.

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