May 30, 2023

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Corona virus crisis: Let’s help India, now | Future planet

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As a child, my father, who was a doctor in the Kashmir Valley in northern India, often came with me for my annual vaccinations. I asked him how vaccines work and are developed. After explaining to me the basic biology of the human immune system, he always stressed that they are the result of global efforts.

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Today only global action can counter the growing Govt-19 crisis in India, where the number of daily cases Recently surpassed 400,000 (A world record) and More than 270,000 people have died. Epidemiological models of the Institute for Health Measurement and Evaluation of the University of Washington They plan Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated in that country, peaking in mid-May, and the total death toll from Govt-19 could reach one million people. It would be irresponsible for world officials to think that even if the consequences for India are very bad, the impact will be limited to one country.

This is because the more the corona virus spreads and reflects in India, the more it changes. The uncontrolled circulation of the virus can lead to the emergence of new strains that prolong the infection. The variant P.1617 that caused the Indian massacre has already been observed In 19 countries, Including the United States. Recent reports suggest that this variation is possible Avoid immunity, Which will further increase the pressure on health systems. In addition, we do not know how much protection there is against COVID-19 vaccines that have so far been protected against B.1.617, which threatens the effectiveness of global vaccination campaigns.

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It is worrying that the emergence of this variance could threaten vulnerable health systems in other low-income countries such as neighboring India. Pakistan And Bangladesh, with a high population density, will have current vaccination rates due to inadequate capacity for intensive care and ventilators Less than 5%. Intensive care capacity is very low in Africa and South America, and they are still recovering from uncontrolled outbreaks. Brazilian variant. If P.1617 causes so much damage in India with a moderately efficient health system, it will cause catastrophe in other countries with less facilities.

India’s woes are a sudden and sharp setback. Country provides More than 60% This will lead to efforts to develop vaccines worldwide and to many other countries. But now there is a new variant Destroys the Indian health system, It is not clear how long it will take to increase productivity. To the country He has run out of vaccines for Govt-19 And Serum Institute of India, the world’s leading vaccine manufacturer, Production cannot be increased for now. Economists have already predicted that low-income countries will not be able to achieve full vaccine coverage for their populations. Until 2023. The current crisis will be a further obstacle to post-epidemic global recovery.

The international community must come together to form a joint effort to support India at this crucial juncture, which is not only a moral necessity but also endangers the health of other countries’ populations and economies. Governments can take a variety of measures to reduce vulnerability.

First, the lost America Nearly 600,000 citizens Due to Govt-19 (more than any other country), it has to play a leading role. Although President Joe Biden’s administration has pledged to donate 60 million doses of the Oxford-Astrogeneca vaccine, recent reports Recommendation Delivery may take up to two months. That process needs to be accelerated. To help increase productivity in India, the country should lead efforts to share the raw materials needed to produce the COV-19 vaccine.

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Second, the international community must join the United States Support for Global waiver of input-related intellectual property (IP) rights for Covid-19 is a move that India and South Africa have long proposed in the World Trade Organization. Less than 2% of the Indian population is vaccinatedThe significance of this exception cannot be overstated. As I explained recently Jeffrey D. Socks, While promoting vaccination efforts in India and other parts of the planet, there are mechanisms in place to retain drug discoveries, including providing compensation to IP holders and restricting the purpose and duration of any exemptions that may be decided.

Countries should coordinate with the World Health Organization to increase the capacity of the Indian health system. China, what A hospital was built in five days When infections are at their peak in your area this year, you can offer advice on how to do it. Nigeria Y United States They can provide technical assistance in converting large sports facilities into isolation units for COVID-19 patients, thus reducing the burden on hospitals.

In addition, countries that have partially recovered from the epidemic may share Oxygen concentrators And fans. International professional medical institutions may also mobilize their resources and develop protocols for the delivery of essential items such as oxygen, personal protective equipment and medicines.

Like some Countries As you finally begin to emerge from the epidemic crisis, your officials must not forget their most important lesson: no country is safe as long as all nations exist. While the crisis in India highlights the global nature of public health, it is an opportunity to reaffirm the benefits of international cooperation.

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Prophet Junaid Senior Fellow at the Aspen Institute and a member of the Working Group on Regulatory Considerations Health and digital innovation In the World Labor Organization.

Translated from the English by David Melandus Torman: Project Syndicate, 2021.

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