April 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Corona virus crisis: India’s recovery | Comment

Many patients with oxygen mask at a hospital in New Delhi.Money Sharma / AFP

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The international community must come forward to reclaim India immediately. Uncontrolled entry of the disease into the country Mitigation of foreign aid alone is a threat to the people. Many countries have mobilized to send medical supplies, but the situation is so dramatic that it costs thousands of lives to organize deliveries every day. The government of the current population is facing a catastrophic situation Narendra Modi has a huge responsibility For allowing and encouraging large political and religious rallies for an electoral interest.

Irresponsible relaxation of controls The infection has caused the spread And infections are now growing exponentially. Yesterday 350,000 new cases and about 3,000 deaths were registered. After reaching its peak in September, the epidemic subsided, but excessive relaxation led to this drastic recovery. There were about 10,000 new cases a day in mid-February and on April 24 the population of 1,366 million exceeded 300,000 a day. Proportionately, these figures are not as scary as in other countries, but the official figure is far from reflecting reality. The diagnostic capacity is very low, diagnostic tests have not been performed on all suspects and most of the deaths occurring at home have not been accounted for.

The health crisis is leading to a drama in which many die without being able to seek medical help Lack of oxygen, respirators and beds, which should allow patients. The state of chaos has reached a climax where cremation requirements cannot be overcome by firing. The responsibility of the Indian authorities is clear and they should be held accountable, but now the basic thing is to reduce suffering. On the other hand, despite its ability to produce drugs – India is the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer – until now, only multiple doses equivalent to 10% of the population have been administered. What happened in this country confirms the urgent need to find an effective mechanism for accelerating vaccination in developing countries, as a similar situation could recur in other parts of the world. The WHO has warned that the spread of the virus in India could be highly contagious and current resistance to vaccines. While this serious confirmation is pending, it is clear that as long as the virus continues to spread with this severity, it is likely to develop available vaccine-resistant strains. Immunization inequality is now the main ally of the disease.

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