May 31, 2023

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Corona virus | Covit-19 | India denies 4 million deaths | nndc | The world

According to an independent study released this week, Indian officials on Thursday denied that the actual death toll from the corona virus was ten times higher than the official figures, about four million.

Global Development Center (CDG) study on high mortality India The country has recorded another five million deaths during epidemics, indicating more deaths due to the corona virus.

This report assumes that all excessive death statistics are COVID deaths, which are not factual and are completely false.”, The Ministry of Health promised in a statement today.

Excessive mortality is used to describe a death toll from all causes, so these deaths were referred to as the cause of COVID-19 “This is completely wrong”.

On April 1, 2021, a health official takes a cloth wipe sample from a human to test for the Covit-19 corona virus at a testing center in Allahabad, India. (Photo by Sanjay Kanojia / AFP).

The India, Which has an estimated 1.5% mortality rate Corona virus In this country of 1.35 billion people compared to other affected countries, he denigrated the CDG’s assessment methods for reaching that conclusion.

The extension of deaths is based on the bold assumption that the probability of death of the victim is the same in all countries, rejecting the correlations of direct and indirect factors such as race, ethnicity, genetic makeup, exposure levels associated with others. Diseases and the immunity created by those people“, Critical.

However, the ministry did not provide details on the possible causes behind the high death toll.

The US-based CDG study used three sources to underestimate mortality: civil registrations in seven Indian states; The prevalence of the disease has passed from COVID-19 to the global mortality rate; A survey of 800,000 people was used three times a year.

It found that between 3.4 and 4.9 million deaths recorded in the country were not recognized as deaths caused by the corona virus.

According to the Indian government, 418,987 people have died so far since the outbreak, 507 of them in the last 24 hours.

Despite the strict system for documenting deaths, which is protected by the government today, some states have in many cases had to adjust the data upwards to add thousands of deaths that were not counted in the past.

The state of Maharashtra, the financial capital of Bombay, the epicenter of the country’s epidemic, has corrected the death toll at least a dozen times in the past two months.

The region added 3,656 COVID-19 deaths to yesterday’s balance after adjusting its data, a major improvement for a state that has been recording less than 200 deaths a day in recent days.

While officials did not specify when this information would coincide, corrections to official figures follow the second wave of the disease in the country. India The scene of a terrible crisis Corona virus In this world.

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