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Corona virus | Brazil surpasses India and has the second highest number of Govt-19 cases in the world NNTC | The world

Brazil, the current global hub of the corona virus epidemic, surpassed India in the number of epidemics and only surpassed the United States as the second most infected country in the world.

Latin American legend, it has the second highest number of deaths Corona virus In the afterlife Condition United, Recorded 85,663 new infections on Friday, the second highest number of daily cases since the onset of the epidemic, accumulating 11’363,380 infections.

With that number Brazil As of Friday, the Asian country had surpassed India in counting 11’308,846 cases, but the Government of India had already released its total new cases this Saturday (24,882), down from (11 ′) 333,728 Brazilians to date.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the United States has the highest number of COVID-19 infections in the world, with 29.35 million cases, now Brazil (11.36 million), India (11.33 million), the United Kingdom (4.26 million), and France (4.07). Million) and Spain (3.18 million).

Workers bury Covit-19 victim at the Vila Formosa Cemetery on March 11, 2021 in Sao Paulo (Brazil). EFE / Fernando Pizera

When the infection is out of control Brazil And confirms IndiaThe trend is that the gap between the South American nation and the Asian nation will continue to widen in the coming days.

Because of the average number of cases in the last week Brazil It reached a daily record level of 70,593 on Thursday, an increase of 55.25% compared to the weekly average measured a month ago (45,470 daily infections on February 12).

Brazil For several weeks it ranked second in the world in the number of epidemics, but last September India surpassed it, and the country bounced back from the epidemic.

With regard to the number of deaths, the figures in Brazil should continue to grow in the coming days, according to the current mortality curve of the epidemic in the country.

The country recorded 2,216 new deaths on Friday, with more than 2,200 daily victims for three consecutive days and 275,105 deaths since the start of the health crisis.

Friday ranks third in the number of deaths from the corona virus in a single day Brazil Since the outbreak began, the average number of deaths in the past week has been 1,762 a day, after 2,286 were recorded on Wednesday and 2,233 on Thursday.

The average number of deaths in Brazil Last week it was 65.47% higher than the one-month average (1,065 daily victims on February 12), confirming that the epidemic world continues to worsen, while it tends to sustain much of the world.

Tilsa Maria Pereira Rodriguez, 71, is being treated for the Covit-19 corona virus at her home in Manaus, Brazil, on January 2, 2021.
Tilsa Maria Pereira Rodriguez, 71, is being treated for the Covit-19 corona virus at her home in Manaus, Brazil, on January 2, 2021.

List of countries with the highest mortality, according to Johns Hopkins University statistics COVID-19 They are the United States (532,593) and Brazil (275,105), Mexico (193,851), India (158,446), the United Kingdom (125,580) and Italy (101,564).

The high average in recent days confirms it Brazil Currently the virus is affecting a new wave of infection that is partly caused by the circulation of new strains, among them the Brazilian variant that appeared on the Amazon and, according to researchers, three times more original.

Brazil, With its 210 million people, is just under 3% of the world’s population, but worldwide the corona virus accounts for 10.4% of deaths and 9.5% of all cases.

The percentage of Brazilians affected will rise to 15% of the world’s total, taking into account data from the past two weeks alone, according to a report released Friday by the Non-Physician Boundaries (MSF) organization.

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