January 27, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Corona virus | Brazil: India has sent Govt-19 vaccines to South American countries since this Friday Jair Bolzano NNDC | The world

India plans to ship the first shipment of vaccines made in India to Brazil this Friday, after approving the first commercial export of the drug to the Asian government.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has confirmed the export of these first vaccines to EFE.

Brazil Announced Thursday that it will receive today from India Two million doses of vaccine from an Anglo-Swedish laboratory AstraZeneca And University Oxford, Serum Institute of India (SII) in Asia, manufactured by the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer.

SII sources today confirmed that they are part of the vaccine shipment, but declined to give further details as the process is being carried out entirely by the Indian government.

Administrator of the President of Brazil, Jair Bolzano, Chartered a plane last Friday to collect two million doses, but was last dispatched by Indian authorities in line with the vaccination campaign in the Asian country.

Brazil Indian laboratory Bharat Biotech further announces its interest in obtaining the size of Kovacs domestic formula developed and licensedEmergency use“By the Indian regulators, although the formula has not yet completed its clinical trials.

Although Brazilian pharmaceutical company Precisa Medicamendos and Bharat Bodek announced on January 10 that they would sign an agreement to acquire Kovacs’ units, Indian officials did not say whether the Indian laboratory’s vaccines were part of the first ship.

BrazilSecond country with the highest number of deaths, with 214,000 deaths COVID-19, Followed by the United States with 410,102 deaths India More than 153,000.

A shipment of vaccines will also be sent to Morocco today, the Foreign Ministry said, noting the number of vials sent.

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The India, Launched a major vaccination program a week ago, promising to maintain its commitment as a global supplier while guaranteeing production for its population.

The country, home to 1.35 billion people, has so far vaccinated more than one million health workers using the Covshield and Kovacs doses.

This chart, taken on January 11, 2021, shows a vial and a syringe in front of the Astrogeneca logo. (REUTERS / Tado Ruvik).

Shipping to other countries

Production of IndiaWorld Pharmacy“Due to its productivity and low cost, it is important for immunization campaigns in developing countries, and many governments in Asia are interested in getting a dose against the corona virus.

Indian vaccines are good for developing countries because they are safe and affordable. “Ecuadorian Ambassador to New Delhi Hector Quio Jacom said.

The world’s cheapest Covshield and Kovacs are priced at $ 3 to $ 5 per unit, making it a good alternative to other formulas that cost $ 20 per dose.

It should be taken into account that the vaccination will take some time, so a long-term vaccination program should be established, which will not affect the economies of the countries much.“Ambassador added.

India The diplomatic campaign to provide subsidized corona virus vaccines to Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Mauritius and Nepal began this week.