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Concert presented at Sound Landscapes, “Cultural Wednesday” in India

The House of Representatives, through the General Secretariat, the San Lazaro Cultural Space and the Libraries of this Legislative Authority, hosted a concert entitled “The Sound Lands of India” in the Southern Auditorium.

11:02 AM 04/28/2022

Assembly Palace., April 28, 2022.- The Delegates’ Room hosted a concert entitled “Sound Lands of India” in the South Auditorium, through the General Secretariat, San Lazaro Cultural Venue and the Libraries of this body of Legislative Power. Of the Assembly premises.

The concert is part of the “Cultural Wednesday in San Lazaro” program, which includes poetry readings, jazz concerts, theatrical readings, theatrical presentations, and recitals of various genres and high cultural levels. “Soundscapes of India” case.

The exhibition was attended by Salvador Caro Cabrera, Vice President of the Mexican-Republican Indian Friendship Group; Ambassador of India Pankaj Sharma and General Secretary of the House of Representatives Gracela Beas Ricardes.

Officials were accompanied by other top officials of the Indian Embassy including Juhi Roy-SS, Vallari Kejriwal, Prasad Sinde, Angita Vakekar, Sushil Kumar, Guru Prakash, VVS Chetty and Director of Gurdev Tagore Cultural Center. , Dr. Smt. Das.

The concert was performed by Siddhartha Cilicio, a pioneering Mexican artist in Mexico and Latin America, and the only graduate of Mexico who has received multiple grants from the governments of Cuba, India and the Netherlands. An art company in India.

Siddhartha Silicio was the only Latin American artist to receive a doctorate in music from India and was the only disciple of Pandit Ravi Shankar in Latin America. He excels in audio mastering and is known around the world for playing in international festivals such as Day Zero Mexico, Boom, Jerusalem Festival in Portugal, Gardens of Babylon, Holland, Secret Solstice, Iceland, Echo Waves, Georgia. , Garbicz, Poland, Buddhist Film Festival at the Barbigan Center in London and Holland.

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He has composed music for 11 films and recorded 7 albums.

Costa Rica’s saxophonist Sophia Zumbado, winner of several national and international tournaments and soloist in Costa Rica’s national symphony orchestra. He has been a frequent guest guest on various symphony orchestras in Mexico, such as the National Symphony Orchestra and the Aguascalientes Symphony Orchestra.

Dancers Ernesto de la Teja, Carlos Ugalde and Claudia Lanos also took part in the event.

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