March 29, 2023

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Complaints of discrimination against children with disabilities are being investigated by an airline in India

A case of discrimination at an airport in India has provoked outrage And was condemned by users of social networks, where the family of a young man with disabilities realized they had been mistreated when they tried to board an Indigo Airlines flight.

Airlines, type Low price (Low price), pointing out the denial of rights to the parents of the young man boarding the plane they purchased and to the boy in the wheelchair. He represented a danger to other passengers.

According to international media reports, the incident took place at the Ranchi airport on Saturday, based on another passenger’s complaint, describing what happened through his social networks, and the flight mentioned was heading to Hyderabad.

According to the complainant, who expressed sympathy to the victims of the discrimination case, the incident took place just in time for the family to cross the boarding gate. After a long wait, the young man experienced discomfort, anxiety and hunger or thirstThe reason for changing it.

Although the parents took responsibility for the situation and tried to calm the young man down, they received the support and goodwill of the other passengers. The airline officials approached them to announce that they could not allow them to board, considering the young man’s conditionsLeave them off the plane.

According to the complaint, the parents were warned that the only way out was for the young man to board the plane He behaved like a “normal person”.

In his explanation of the facts, the passenger, who expressed his solidarity with the family, decided to make public the case of the accident and also pointed out that the airline continued its misconduct despite being a delegation of health experts. , The passengers on the plane also approached them to assist and guarantee care in case of any problems in the air, asking the flight attendants to stay away from anger, before making their ‘serious’ decision Consult with medical staff at the airport, We can testify that there was no problem with the young man and that he had only one episode of anxiety.

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Despite the many voices advocating for family, The local manager of the airline Indigo approved the denial in favor of his workers The family should be allowed to travel, and warned that the child was “uncontrollable”, according to descriptions taken by the international media.

To the passengers who registered the complaint, the same tense situation at the airport and the parental impotence in the discriminatory matter further frightened the young man, he points out. The Indigo manager poses a great danger to mankind due to his inhumane behavior.

Although there were several guardians of the victim’s family, the complainant described. The airline stopped at its end and set off, leaving the family and their son behindWho should be on the ground.

The witness, who faced the impotence of the mother of the boy who was discriminated against, collected a remarkable phrase that the woman, before the celebration of International Mother’s Day, tried to advocate for her family.

“As a mother do you think I would allow my son to hurt himself or anyone else?”, The words collected by the witness and reflected by the international media.

The case does not stand still

Thanks to the condemnation expressed through social networks, and greatly reflected, it was able to gain visibility in its country, to the extent of provoking a campaign. Social permit against the airline And the reaction of the authorities of his country.

“People should ignore Indigo for this reason, which is shameful behavior,” said one of the thousands of users who copied the story.

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For his part, The Indian Air Transport Minister Jyotiraditya Cynthia on Monday announced that an investigation has been launched against the airline., And he will personally hold himself accountable for achieving the relevant sanctions against those responsible. “No man has to go through this,” the official said through social networks.

IndiGo must now submit a report explaining what happened and the reasons for the outrage.