March 21, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Coach Juan Fernando leaves India: “We saved ourselves”

Juan Fernando, the Spanish coach of the Indian Super League’s Goa football club, has been expelled from the country due to the severity of the epidemic. In India. He and Spanish players Ivan Gonzalez, Edu Pedia, Australian (James Donachi) and body coach Javier Gonzalez both had to leave the country immediately last Wednesday.

Barcelona coach He was due to coach his team on Thursday, the last day of the AFC Champions League group stage against Al-Waqda in the United Arab Emirates., The first team in the country to play. There, in the state of Goa, a bubble was created so that they could not leave the hotels.

Ferrando He had to interrupt a pre-game press conference this Wednesday morning To set the course for Spain. When he arrives in Barcelona this morning to catch a flight to Paris, Ferrando says it was a hectic 24 hours.

Fernando describes leaving the country

“In principle, the idea was to spend a few days playing the last day of the Champions League today and organizing the next season, memories and more. Yes, it is said that elections will be held in Goa on May 2 and then it will take place Isolation or locking may occur as cases increase. Well, without further ado, we will take the flight from April 30 to May 2, when the game is over, and we will leave, “he begins.

However, the surprise will come soon: “Then we take the taxi from the hotel to the press room, which is a minibable from the hotel, where the soldiers and training staff do not come in contact with anyone to avoid infection. I take the taxi, which is about an hour’s walk to the field. I normally move in with the press officer, I arrive at 12 noon, the press conference starts, ten minutes later they say I have to go now“.

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“I understand the situation is complicated. I arrive at the hotel at 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm. The taxi to the airport and the last flight departing from Goa at 2:00 pm. We were able to move to New Delhi and we waited till 1:15 am, With Spanish players Ivan Gonzalez, Edu Pedia, Jorge Artes, an Australian (James Donachi) and body coach Javier Gonzalez. We were able to leave the country and we saved ourselves, “he concludes.

You should pack in ten minutes

“The press officer tells me about it, and in those ten minutes I talk to the sports director when I pick up things from the hotel and he explains the situation to me. The medical staff and training staff quickly said goodbye to the soldiers. We have no time to waste. The flight was at 2:00 p.m. I had to take a taxi at 1:10 pm “, he explains about those minutes at the hotel.

“Imagine packing an eight-month-old suitcase in eight minutes. You’m packing fast without knowing what’s going on.. You know there’s a very complicated situation, but it’s not exactly whether you ‘re going to be locked up, or the confusion that can ensue if you do not go out at that time, ”he concludes.

The situation in India continues to deteriorate

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc in India and completely destroying the country. This Thursday it has already crossed the 18 million corona virus, breaking a new record number of infections, reaching the highest ever recorded worldwide, with nearly 380,000 infections. It is the second most infected country in the world after the United States. Deaths have also reached a new high, with more than 3,600 deaths in a single day, bringing the total death toll to 204,832, the fourth highest number of deaths.

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The situation appeared to be under control at the end of the first wave of cases last February, but in recent weeks the situation has erupted again. With the arrival of the second wave. Lack of material, resources, people queuing in hospitals, without beds, with cremations full of the dead, there is even a new mutation.