June 7, 2023

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Citroen launches mini SUV in Latin America and India Economy

Citroen will launch a small SUV in early 2022 with the aim of capturing a segment of the market in Latin America and India, the Stellandis Group brand said on Thursday.

The French carmaker underlined that the “new C3” is the first model of a 3-vehicle family of 3 businesses manufactured and manufactured in India and Latin America, which will be sold in both regions over the next three years. In a release

With less than 4 meters, the car will be able to cope with “aggressive traffic in the city” and “improve road conditions” outside the city, Citroen director Vincent Kobe told a news conference.

Although it has the same name as the model offered in Europe, this vehicle was specifically developed and illuminated by specific teams to succeed in developing countries on the Peugeot 208 platform. A hybrid or electric version may also be offered.

“The goal is to maintain our sales growth in Europe in the coming years, while increasing sales outside Europe by 30%,” Kobe said.

Made in Latin America and Brazil, this new C3 should strengthen the offering of citroen in the automotive industry.

Kobe surpassed Japan when he said that India could become the world’s third largest car market “in this decade”. But this “difficult to penetrate” market, the Citroen leader insisted, while Ford announced in early September that it would end production in the country.

Kobe said he knew the market well after serving as a Nissan representative.

“Investments need to follow the requirement and not before. (…) If you do not have confidence in the after-sales service, it is not worth going there,” he continued.

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Citroen, which has already launched a model in India this year, is relying on local giant CK Birla to manufacture this mid-range vehicle. Another Stellandis brand may rely on Jeep to expand its dealer network in the country.

Vehicles manufactured in India may be distributed in other Asian countries such as Burma and East Africa.