June 4, 2023

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Chinese and Indian troops meet again at the border International

Tensions have risen again on the border between India And China. The Indian Army has acknowledged that the two countries’ troops fought in a “minor confrontation” in the eastern Himalayan region of Sikkim, the first such incident so far this year after the two Armed Forces played. Rubbing hard for decades in 2020. The clash took place last Wednesday – the day of the inauguration of US President Joe Biden – and Indian media reported that twenty Chinese soldiers and four Indians were injured. Despite asking the media to be wary of such reports, India has not confirmed the death toll. So far, China has not provided a version of the incident and is limited to launching an appeal for peace.

“On January 20, we clarified that there was a small clash in the Nakula area north of Sikkim, which was resolved by local commanders following established protocols,” the Indian civil servant said, without providing details or confirming the whereabouts of the injured. On Sunday, army commanders held talks to try to calm the situation.

The two nuclear powers have been at loggerheads with each other since their troops clashed on the 3,488-kilometer-long border – with several points – in May last year. The worst incident in decades happened in June Soldiers from both countries clashed with sticks and stones in the dark in the Calvan Valley, In the Aksai Chin area, west of the Line of Control that separates the two countries. Twenty Indian soldiers have been killed and an unidentified Chinese soldier wounded in a bloody incident between the two forces since 1967.

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The incident caused a sharp decline in relations between the two countries, which have not yet returned to the previous level. This led to the strengthening of the positions of every army on each side of the western border, one of the uninhabitable places on the world border.

“I would like to emphasize that China’s border guards are committed to respecting peace and tranquility on India’s border. His department in Beijing.

Regional disputes that arose in the 19th century, in particular, focus on three areas: 90,000 square kilometers in Arunachal Pradesh in the east; Near Nepal, in the center, and in Aksai Chin / Ladakh 30,000 sq km, west. The latter is particularly important for Beijing: the only highway connecting Xinjiang with Tibet, which runs through two Chinese autonomous regions, is to be used in the event of serious disruptions.

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These differences had already led to a war between the two most populous countries in the world in 1962, in which India suffered a crushing defeat. Since then it has been agreed not to use them in the event of conflict, even if friction continues without hands to avoid unnecessary escalation — in recent decades the two countries have sought to put their differences in sovereignty in the background. And improve their economic and diplomatic relations: both cooperate in the BRICS group, the forum of large developing countries; China is today India’s major trading partner at a rate of $ 84.320 million between January 2019 and November 2019.

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But since Xi Jinping came to power in China in 2012 and Narendra Modi in India in 2014 – two leaders who want to bring their countries to the center of world leadership – border incidents have been on the rise. In 2015, there were 428 incidents, 342 of which were in the western part of the border. In 2019 there were 663, of which 497 occurred in the West. In 2017 a conflict was needed in the Doklam area In 2018, the two presidents met in full spirits in the Chinese city of Wuhan.