June 4, 2023

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China opposes speeding up coal depletion and India opposes COP26 a day earlier

One day to end XXVI UN Conference on Climate Change Parties (COP26) Held in Glasgow, China He has not yet given up trying to push a date to end the coal.

According to sources in the negotiations, it seems possible China Should oppose climate negotiations’ efforts to phase out coal worldwide and strengthen plans to reduce their CO2 emissions by the end of next year.

Energy conservation concerns will be prevented China Support the proposal on coal, according to a person who knows the situation well China Asked not to identify anyone.

The man, who spoke to Bloomberg, said it would take more time for the world’s largest supplier to develop a new emissions plan once he made his final national contribution, which was made shortly before the start of UN talks in Glasgow this month. .

Agreement with the United States

However, the press office of the negotiating team China Bloomberg did not answer these questions. For now, even after this Wednesday night and after making a surprise announcement, the Chinese company has not really moved on from its objections. The agreement with the United States increased the confidence of the negotiators.

United States And China They announced that they would work together to promote concrete measures to reduce emissions this decade. The bilateral agreement includes efforts to control methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

Consultative sources, however, show that opposition to some of the key provisions of the Final Glasgow Agreement persists and must be ratified by consensus.

For its part, India, Is currently the world’s third-largest CO2 emitter, and has called for more funding, as opposed to the guidelines proposed in the preliminary draft of the Glasgow Accord to “accelerate the gradual elimination of subsidies for coal and fossil fuels”. From rich countries before making a definite climate commitment.

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