June 3, 2023

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China and India face a growing energy crisis

(CNN) – Asia and the two largest economies in the world are rushing to include The energy crisis is getting worse day by day.

China is trying to quell concerns about rising prices as it faces its major coal mining hubs Strong rain And dangerous accidents, problems that hinder efforts to overcome power shortages.

For their part, some Indian leaders warn that some key areas, including the capital New Delhi, will face an “energy crisis” due to rising electricity prices, although the central government says the country is getting enough coal. Meet the need.

Energy demand around the world is increasing as the global economy reopens. But the offer did not continue.

A coal-fired power plant in China.

Heavy rains and deadly accidents make China anxious

In China, power shortages are the result of a combination of factors reducing the country-wide government carbon emissions since the post-epidemic construction boom, which cut off hundreds of coal mines earlier this year. .

A major supplier Australia’s restrictions on coal and weather problems have exacerbated the problem, with heavy rains hitting more than half of the country’s major mining hubs, Shanxi and Shanxi provinces, this week.

The collapse of the roof of a coal mine in Xianyang has worsened the situation in Shanxi. The state news agency reported that four miners were killed and four others were seriously injured in the incident Xinhua, Occurred days later Provincial Government Warn all mines to tighten safety restrictions. Xinhua said the local government is still investigating the cause of the collapse.

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Russia supports North Stream 2 gas pipeline certification 0:59

The price of coal is rising

The price of thermal coal, which is mainly used to generate energy, continues to rise. The futures rose 11% on Tuesday on the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, hitting a new record high of nearly 1,508 yuan (US $ 234) per metric ton. The rise came after an 8% increase on Monday.

“We expect China’s coal and electricity crisis to continue into the winter,” City researchers wrote in an investigative report Tuesday, “The problem will increase the risks of stagnation and growth pressures on the economy. [empujando] Energy prices will rise. “

“Extremely unusual” weather forced 60 coal mines to close in Shanxi earlier this month An article Posted on Monday on the website of the Ministry of Emergency Management. Since then, almost everyone has resumed production, the Shanxi government said Tuesday, although four are idle.

The National Reform and Development Authority – China’s top economic plan – sought to alleviate the growing problem by reiterating on Tuesday that the government would allow coal-fired power generators to charge more electricity.

China has announced it will sell part of its oil reserves 1:01

From Friday, the company said all industrial and commercial power users will be required to purchase electricity at “market-based” prices. Beijing has already made it clear that energy prices could rise by 20% from current baseline levels or from reference prices set by the government. Currently, the limit is 10%.

Residents and the agricultural industry will not be affected, the company said.

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Indian leaders warn of possible “energy crisis”

Meanwhile, state leaders have been warning the central government about the dangers of coal shortages in India.

Over the weekend, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Tweeted He recently wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi warning him of power shortages, saying the capital could “face a power crisis”.

Kejriwal called on the government to divert the use of ground and gas supplies to capital, saying “it is necessary to maintain uninterrupted electricity in Delhi, which provides strategic and essential facilities of national importance.”

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy also recently told Modi that the situation was “worrying”.

Coal stocks at most power plants in India have fallen to a record low.

This is official: the Chinese manufacturing industry is in trouble 1:04

The Central Electricity Board of India (CEA) on Sunday said that the 61-day supply of coal to 135 coal-fired power plants in Asia’s third largest economy is two days or less. Coal stocks in 16 of these plants have been reduced to zero.

Adequate supplies, the government says

But the Government of India assured that there were enough materials to meet the demand.

The total fuel reserves at the coal plants are about 7.2 million metric tonnes, which is enough for four days, the Coal Ministry said in a statement on Sunday. Coal India, a state-owned mining company, has stockpiled 40 million metric tonnes of coal.

“Any fear of a power outage is completely out of the question,” the ministry said.

However, analysts at ANZ Research wrote on Tuesday that India’s situation remains “dangerous.” Although Coal India said its daily commodities had increased, analysts noted that some provinces were “getting less than half of their contract volume” and that power shortages were worsening in the states of Punjab and Jharkhand.

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With information by Deeksha Mathok.