March 21, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Children of women begin their journey to India with a landslide • University Weekly Magazine

The Costa Rican U-17 women’s soccer team defeated Puerto Rico 4-1 in the pre-World Cup qualifier against India in 2022.

The Costa Rican U-17 women’s soccer team embarked on a pre-World Cup journey towards the 2022 World Cup in India, winning 4-1 against their team-mates from Puerto Rico at the San Cristobal Pan-American Stadium. In the Dominican Republic.

Directed by Patricia Aguilar, the two rivals had to fight back because some Puerto Ricans were inspired by what their under-20 women’s team did. The recent rains have left the Pan American Stadium in poor condition and reminded me of many smaller grounds in the country during the rainy season. Therefore, what seemed to be an easy practice for the natives suffocated them.

From the start the national team sought the Puerto Rican structure, but the weakness took its toll.

Still, a personal game from Sheeka Scott was enough as he knocked down two Puerto Ricans who came his way and bathed goalkeeper Haryana Anderson.

Four minutes later, Louisiana Gonzalez caught Anderson’s “grilling corn” and converted a second goal with a shot from outside the box.

However, despite the Puerto Ricans’ minimal attack, they reached the target with the entry of Fabiola Martinez, who converted a master shot on the pitch five minutes after he played on a wall and Martinez swallowed a shot on the pitch. The left foot surpassed Genesis Perez’s exit to create tension in the National Bank.

In the second half, those from the Isla del Encanto were able to intimidate with a shot from Martinez, who could destroy a costly national defense with a left post by Genesis Perez.

As they say, those who do not score watch them do it, and Jocelyn Priseno sends a lap shot to bathe Anderson through a cross and scores a third.

With that, the suffering and risk that the Puerto Ricans could equalize was significantly reduced, although it is true that they make occasional attempts to get into the game.

Alejandro Lopez ended all concern for Aguilar’s students with a penalty foul against Veronica Matarita, who was replaced by Valentina Rivera for a fourth national goal.

There were two Puerto Rican threats to the story, where Índigo unleashed Sims Priseno’s mark and crashed the ball into Perez’s left post, and Maya Bernd ate miserably in front of a corner kick frame, fortunately for the countrymen.

The thing is, the Nationals need to work a day to recover the players and prepare for the game against Granada who are eager to do a better job than their debut against the United States, from whom they scored 19 goals. But they should try not to come up with too many casualties against the Americans.

CRC: Genesis Perez, Brittany Vasquez, Jocelyn Brisceno, Jimena Rodriguez, Valentina Rivera, Priscilla Rodriguez (Jimena Jimenez, 76 ′), Sheika Scott (Sharon Lopo, 85 ′), Monica Ellarido, 6, ‘6 Gonzalez and Yoselin Fonseka (Tanisha Fonseka, 64 ‘). DT: Patricia Aguilar.

PUR: Haryana Anderson, Sophia Cologne, Maya Bernd, Giara Aguio, Ashley McMahon (Valeria Lucio, 64), Marilyn Neves (Baton Quinones, 74 ′), Andrea Hoddock (Eva Anderson, 74 ′), Piancapio, 30, Jazira Gonzalez (Alejandra Lopez, 45) and Madison Grover. DT: Nathan Gonzalez.

Goals: 1-0 (24 ‘): Scott, individual game. 2-0 (28 ′): Gonzalez shot from outside the box. 2-1 (35 ‘): Martinez. 3-1 (58 ′): Priscino. 4-1 (79 ‘): Rivera, penalty. Referee: Nerissa Goldson (JAM). Advised: Lopez (PUR) and Y Fonseka (CRC). Expelled: No. Pan American Stadium in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic, 5 p.m.