March 24, 2023

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Chess players barred from attending World Cup in India –

Cochabamba’s Daniela Cortero (i), Fernando Polanos and Jessica Molina have qualified for the World Cup in India. Dico Solis


Cochabamba chess players Daniela Cartero, Jessica Molina and Fernando Bolanos have qualified for the World Chess Olympiad to be held in Chennai from July 28 to August 10, but now their main concern is getting evidence to go to the international tournament.

In the case of Cordero and Bolaños, they promised to ask their family for savings and unconditional support to obtain tickets worth approximately $ 2,000.

For his part, Molina thinks about quitting to represent the country because she has plenty of financial support from her family.

“The lack of financial support from local and national authorities in all sports is worrying and recurring,” said Cortero, who is aiming to win a medal at the World Event.

The athlete recently promised to support the Athletes who traveled to Pan American in Montevideo, Uruguay, and that a request was made to the Deputy Ministry of Sports and it was rejected.

“Our champion, Laikel Dikona, asked the deputy ministry for support through the Protecom project, but it was rejected,” Cortero said.

In this situation, the athlete promised not to ask for support “because there is a lot of bureaucracy”, and if rejected, the price of tickets will increase.

“As a sectoral association we carry out various activities for the benefit of those who are classified, in addition to seeking the support of the family,” Cordero said.

For his part, Bolanos promised to seek the support of his family, as has happened since he started playing chess.

“As always, we will try to get tickets to represent the country at the Olympics with the support of my mother,” said the man from Potosi, who plays for Cochabamba.

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Bolognese will improve his game and strive to face the best on the planet with the best experience.

Travel in doubt

Jessica Molina said she was happy to have qualified for the World Cup, but her participation was doubtful due to lack of financial resources.

“I have a classification, but I did not know I would travel without the support of the authorities. My parents could not support me because we are a big family and it is very difficult, ”lamented Molina.

He promised to “knock on the doors” of various officials to define his presence at the World Cup and gain support.

“Until the first week of June, I will define whether I can travel to India, everything depends on the response I get,” Molina concluded.