May 28, 2023

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Chelsea 1-2 Brighton, Tottenham 2-3 Bournemouth and more: Clock – Live | Premier League

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Match report: Everton 1-3 Fulham

This is what he does at the table

Palace and Wolves certainly survived the relegation battle, and maybe Bournemouth too.

Premier League full time

  • Aston Villa 3-0 Newcastle

  • Chelsea 1-2 Brighton

  • Everton 1-3 Fulham

  • Southampton 0-2 Crystal Palace

  • Tottenham 2-3 Bournemouth

  • Wolverhampton 2-0 Brentford

Full-time: Tottenham 2-3 Bournemouth

Great win for Bournemouth! It’s the fourth in six games, and even the usually quiet Gary O’Neal has a maniacal look in his eye and is partying with his entire crew backstage. That was an amazing climax.

Dango Ouattara scored in the fifth minute of extra time! It’s his first Premier League goal! It came right after Richarlison missed a divorced babysitter on one of her ends. Solanke brilliantly made the cut to Ouattara, who cut calmly inside the defender and headed the ball past Hugo Lloris from 12 yards out. Unusual things.

Goal! Tottenham 2-3 Bournemouth (Ottara 90 + 5)

Not bloody well!!

90 + 4 minutes: Tottenham 2-2 Bournemouth They are still playing. Bournemouth certainly won’t lose 3-2 with a 98th-minute goal in north London for the second time this season.

Neutral favorites section

“Eintracht Frankfurt in the early 1990s – with Yeboah and Okocha – was fun to watch, as is Brighton now,” says Michael Garton. “Somehow they didn’t win the title, but they lost on the last day of the season in ’92.”

It’s really good. I wish I’d seen more of them, though I remember watching that three-horse race on the last day. Didn’t Guido Buchwald (an underrated player, by the way) win the Stuttgart title in the end?

Leyton Orient has been promoted to League One

Don’t ask me how that happened, because it involved three or four different results, but Orient are ahead after a 2-0 win over Sutton. Congratulations to manager Richie Wellens, the entire playing staff and, most importantly, my colleague Tom Davies.

Goal! Tottenham 2-2 Bournemouth (Dangoma 89)

Substitutes Arnaud Danjuma draws against his old club! This is a prank for Bournemouth, and a vital goal for Tottenham.

Arnaud Danjuma levels for Tottenham. Photo: Matthew Childs/Action Images/Reuters

Target not allowed! Tottenham 1-2 Bournemouth Richarlison’s search for Tottenham’s first Premier League goal continues: there was an offside during the build-up. There are about two minutes plus overtime left in this game.

Full-time: Everton 1-3 Fulham

This looked like a winnable game for Everton. But Fulham – sans Mitrovic – have rediscovered the joys of scoring goals, and now Everton aren’t bothered.

“My favorite list of neutralsSays Richard Gibbs, “It’s sure to include Aberdeen 83 – beating Bayern, Real Madrid and Hamburg in the space of six months.”

I was thinking more about the style of play, not that Aberdeen’s was particularly bad or anything, but you actually made a really good point. (See also: Cameroon 1990, though they did play some flashy stuff against England.)

Full-time: Chelsea 1-2 Brighton

Three defeats in a row for Frank Lampard, although a) this is not his fault and b) this is not about Chelsea. It was a remarkable victory for Brighton, who smashed Chelsea from start to finish, overcoming two first-half injuries and more VAR controversy – and eventually won the game when Julio Enchizo headbutted him from 25 yards.

This Brighton team is the best thing that has ever happened to anyone.

Premier League (selected)

  • Burton 3-2 Chef Weed

  • Ipswich 6-0 Charlton

With this, Ipswich advance to the automatic promotion places ahead of Sheffield Wednesday.

Motherwell 1-2 Dundee United. “Hi, Rob,” James Humphreys says. never fear; Neutral “favorites” is quite an offbeat usage, because you’re referring to the “neutral” group favorites. Also, as a long-suffering Motherwell fan (but I repeat myself), for f. “

He didn’t say F.

Full-time: Wolverhampton 2-0 Brentford

Wolves’ fine home form continues thanks to goals from Diego Costa and Hwang Hee-chan. They almost certainly stay up late too.

Full time: Southampton 0-2 Crystal Palace

Southampton likely to go down. Almost certainly the Crystal Palace Sahar. Ibere ​​Eze scored both goals, the second Jamil, to make Roy Hodgson three wins out of three.

Chelsea 1-2 Brighton

“The Brighton side would have had a good chance of finishing in fourth place, had it not been for the scandalous arbitration display against Tottenham…” says Andrew Hurley.

And the rest. They need a private locker for all the apologies from PGMOL this season. However, regardless of the ups and downs of football, they turn up again for the next match and charm everyone. they This is amazing A team-of-the-season delight in many ways. (Which reminds me of another neutral favorite: the 1989-90 Oldham. How could I forget?)

Chelsea 1-2 Brighton

“Where does Frank Lampard’s Chelsea go from here?” says Nigel Nganina. Full credit to Brighton but the Blues were tied up from the first minute.

They beat Real Madrid 3-0 on Tuesday night.

Championship: QPR 0-3 Coventry

QPR’s descent continues, as does Coventry’s rise. Victor Geocris scored two more goals today.

Nick Parish has a few favorite neutralsand I think the apostrophe might be in the wrong place but I’m afraid there’s no time to stop and think and yeah I know I should be able to do it on autopilot but I 47 years I’m in my 40’s and things just aren’t working out like they used to.

“Norwich and Hearts in the early 1990s, for obvious reasons, and Peru, because of this great strip.”

Objectives! Help! Rangers 4-2 St Mirren (Morelos x 2), Ipswich 5-0 Charlton (Ladabo x 2), QPR 0-2 Coventry (No idea x 1)

Tottenham 1-2 Bournemouth If it stays like this, Bournemouth will have won four of their last six matches. And while they’re not safe, they do very well, with the one exception of their matches against teams in the bottom half. It’s a job done by Gary O’Neill.

guess what came back / came back again / guess what came back / guess what came back…

Balaji says: “If Tottenham lose or draw, Arsenal fans can celebrate St Tottenham’s Day tomorrow if they beat West Ham! It will be the first time since 2016!”

Chelsea 1-1 Brighton “I’ve been a fan for 35 odd years and I don’t ever remember seeing Chelsea poor like this,” says Joe Balbor. “Brighton beat us today; they deserve all the credit. Players are now turning on each other. Not good.”

Thirty-five years takes you back to 1988, when you last landed, so you might have a point. I’d probably put some mid-’90s teams below this one, but I won’t get into numerical trouble about the matter.

Watch this Brighton team Listen to others watching this Brighton team Evoking the same joy as some of the big favorite neutrals over the years: Denmark 1981-86, Romania 1994, Foggia 1991-92, Matt Le Tissier (BC). any others? I always thought Chris Nicol’s Southampton was so much fun – goals saved at both ends, with Le Tissier, Shearer and a drunken Jamie Case playing Coventry.

Stuttgart 3-3 Dortmund

Kari Tollenius wrote, “Like me at home, the Stuttgart players celebrated a draw as much as a win”. “It looks like Dortmund have lost the cup final. The players in black and yellow can still outpace Bayern, and VfB Stuttgart played like there was no chance of going down.”

Premier League table (as is)


Dundee United scored twice in eight minutes at Motherwell to turn it around after falling behind at the end of the first half, as it standsNow it’s bottom two,” says perfectly honest Simon McMahon.

Also – and I’m sorry but I really can’t keep up – Mark O’Hara scored two equalizing goals for St Mirren at Ibrox. It’s Rangers 2-2 St Mirren, fun enough.

Tottenham 1-2 Bournemouth Davinson Sanchez, who came off the bench in the first half, was sent off by Christian Stellini for enabling him to switch to a four-man defense. He was obviously booed, which is totally pathetic, but what can you do.

Chelsea 1-2 Brighton just me I saw Enciso’s goal online He had a vision for Enciso’s goal and it is Monsterunlike the famous scorer Socrates against the Soviet Union in 1982. Players like Socrates were undefeated, but he managed to reach the top corner.

League One: Ipswich 3-0 Charlton Trilogy by Connor Chaplin in Portman Road. Unless Sheffield Wednesday score three goals in the last 15 minutes at Burton, Ipswich will be in the automatic promotion places tonight – and with a game in hand on Wednesday.

Bundesliga full times

  • Bayern 1-1 Hoffenheim

  • Stuttgart 3-3 Dortmund

This came as a shock to Dortmund, who were leading 2-0 against 10 men, then went 3-2 up in injury time. I’d like to hear Judd Bellingham’s inner monologue right now.

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