March 30, 2023

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ChatGPT is coming to Slack

Typing “Einstein” in the message bar should give users access to ChatGPT integration in Slack itself.
GIF: sales force

Now it’s time to install artificial intelligence for one of the most popular internal communication software in the world. tSalesforce-owned Slack is going live soon Let your particularly robotic-seeming co-workers use ChatGPT to craft replies and comments. The real test will be trying to see if the boss you only hear from occasionally is just an AI bot all the time.

For all those people who use Slack to communicate within their company, as we do here at Gizmodo, you’ll soon be able to Draft a response for co-workers using ChatGPT. As if any of us could really escape it, Slack users can also access the built-in ChatGPT app to summarize topics or look up outside information directly in the app. Clicking the three dots icon in a thread and selecting “Summarize Topic” or “Draft Response” will show only the response visible to the user. You can then make the response or summary public to those within the company channel.

Salesforce said Slack ChatGPT will be available for download in the Slack app directory. A beta waiting list is available here.

Slack users can type in “Einstein,” the name of the Salesforce AI, to have it list the latest news or other external information relevant to the company. However, this is all pretty cool as far as AI integration goes. The creator of ChatGPT OpenAI itself was the first to implement the now-famous GPT platform on the company’s chat service, Salesforce employees said during a digital press conference. It remains unclear if Salesforce is using it OpenAI’s recently implemented API plan or some other agreement. OpenAI promised not to use the company’s data— and additional user data — for its data set, but Salesforce didn’t respond to Gizmodo’s question about whether user data is being fed into the ChatGPT system.

The platform allows companies to integrate other third-party AI systems into their cloud software, but OpenAI is contained “out of the box,” according to Salesforce. At the company’s bid, the new EinsteinGPT is being integrated into its sales system. This allows companies and salespeople to tell “Einstein’s assistant” to craft emotionally muffled advertising messages or sales emails that anyone working in any public-facing company has seen a million times before.

The company has used its Einstein model since 2016 to enhance sales forecasting, customer support services, and of course, ad targeting features. Now that it’s added modern AI models into the mix, you can expect to see a whole host of companies jumping at the opportunity to use AI-powered customer support bots.

Salesforce also allows those who use its software to access an OpenAI-based chatbot for customer support. Get ready for more LLM-based AI responses that pretend to be written by people.
GIF: sales force

According to Salesforce’s presentation, the new EinsteinGPT gives more Salesforce suite users access to Einstein’s customer support chatbot. This can include external information drawn from the OpenAI training model as well as internal company data. In the case described above, an actual person is still needed to check and possibly edit any support responses.

Of course, research shows Most customers hate supportive chatbots, especially those that do not indicate that they are programs. However, humans are falling behind in digital customer support. Meta recently made it a subscription feature To reach out to a real human being for any issue on their platforms.

Clara Shih, Salesforce’s general manager for its cloud services, routinely quoted Ben Parker as saying “With great strength comes great responsibility,” referring to the way he AI often goes off the rails or Provide inaccurate information. She said the company protects corporate data and personal identity, and has created “ethical barriers” at EinsteinGPT.

As with So a lot cases In terms of applying AI, we’ll just have to wait and see how good these railings are.

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