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Chargers vs. results.  Raiders, takeaway: Justin Herbert, L.A. defeat Las Vegas at AFC West in week one

Chargers vs. results. Raiders, takeaway: Justin Herbert, L.A. defeat Las Vegas at AFC West in week one

The Los Angeles Chargers are looking to see what the other Los Angeles team accomplished last season by winning the Super Bowl. Their 2022 campaign got off to a strong start as the Chargers defeated rival Las Vegas Raiders, 24-19.

With the revamped AFC West, every divisional match counts – even in the first week. With an MVP nominee and a renewed defense from Los Angeles, everyone was watching this match, and the Charger certainly didn’t disappoint. Justin Herbert completed 26 of 34 passes for 279 yards and three touchdowns. Not only did he manage the match, he picked and picked his shots, and he achieved success in that. Kenan Allen led the team with four catches for 66 yards, but was knocked out early with a hamstring injury. DeAndre Carter was impressed by the agent’s free addition, getting three passes for 64 yards and a touchdown.

As for the Raiders, Derek Carr completed 22 of 37 passes for 295 yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions, while new Davante Adams had 10 passes for 141 yards and one point. The Las Vegas attack scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter to come close to the end, but turned the ball over to the next possession after the two-minute warning, which sealed the deal.

Here are some key points from the AFC West’s clash between the Chargers and Raiders:

Why did the charger win

There’s plenty of credit to go around when it comes to this Chargers win. It wouldn’t be fair to pick one player, or put a group or side of the ball for that matter to insult the other. Herbert looked great, completing 26 of 34 passes for 279 yards and three touchdowns. The match on the ground wasn’t very effective, but it didn’t have to be with the way to play the defense.

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Carr was sacked five times for a 29-yard loss and threw three interceptions. Even when the Raiders scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter to pull off within five points and then forced the Chargers three and out, the Los Angeles defense stood tall and forced the Raiders to turn the ball on touchdown. Newcomer and former Ryder Khalil Mack scored three sacks to go along with six full tackles, and he was arguably the player of the game.

Why did the raiders lose?

The Chargers looked like the better team on Sunday, but you have to take credit to the Raiders for beating their opponent 16-7 in the second half. To put it bluntly, Vegas lost the battle of staff turnover 3-0, and the offensive line struggled against the rush of stubborn Chargers passing. On the flip side, the raiders didn’t score a single sack!

The Raiders got the eight ball a bit lower in the first half, with the Charger scoring 14 unanswered goals in the second quarter. Down 17-3 at halftime, it looked like an uphill battle all the way. Week one is week one, but going forward we have to see if Vegas can protect Carr, score points, and two.

turning point

This was the moment of all moments – the play that ultimately determined the match. Fourth and eighth game with the line, Carr was sacked by Mack for the third time. You can’t get enough of how well Mac performed on Sunday, and it’s clear that he’s a playmaker who will step up at the big moments – not just to sack the midfielder – but also to screw up the ball.

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play the game

Well, the Raiders didn’t have their best first week performance, but at the same time, this is their first game of the regular season. We haven’t seen all that this team can do. Adams is a huge addition to this squad due to his relationship with Carr, and he definitely appeared in his first game as Ryder. The former Packer had 10 passes for 141 yards—which included this beautiful 41-yard thing.

Whether it’s his release, his way of running, his ability to catch or what he does after reception, this guy is just an elite. Make sure you watch until the end of the clip.

What’s Next

The Raiders return to Vegas next week to host the Arizona Cardinals (0-1) on Sunday, September 18, while the Chargers hit the road to face the Kansas City Chiefs (1-0) on Thursday, September 15.