June 5, 2023

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Capgemini opens 6G research center in India

Madrid, May 25. (Europe Press) –

Technology consultancy Capgemini has opened a 6G research lab in Gurugram, India, where it will build test beds and “advanced simulators” to explore next-generation wireless network use cases, the company said in a statement.

The work at Capgemini’s new lab will be built on a joint research project with King’s College London, which the company announced in May last year to explore the potential of a 6G network. Artificial intelligence (AI) and “wide scale coverage”.

“The 6G Lab will enable prototyping, simulation and testing of next-generation connectivity and silicon technologies, along with advanced AI, to address the wireless communication challenges presented by 6G,” said Capgemini’s Director of Technology and Innovation. Connected Futures’, Shamik Mishra.

In this sense, he also pointed out that the company is “making an effort” to take advantage of the potential of this “emerging technology”, which, in his opinion, will contribute to “consolidation efforts” in favor of 6G networks. profession.

“An ecosystem of collaboration and knowledge sharing between institutions and academics will be key to harnessing its many opportunities and applications for the future,” he added.

In addition to research, Capgemini’s new facility in India will support industry in using “high-performance” computing infrastructures to create and test advanced simulation environments to develop and test new network architectures that meet the “essential requirements” of 6G networks.

It will develop simulations to analyze the performance of emerging 6G capabilities, reconfigurable smart surfaces (RIS) and non-terrestrial networks designed for 6G.

On the other hand, the company said it will also help improve the design of “advanced artificial intelligence algorithms” to solve the “challenges” of wireless communications presented by 6G.

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