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Capcom Arcade II Stadium brings 32 classics to the Nintendo Switch in July, here's your first look

Capcom Arcade II Stadium brings 32 classics to the Nintendo Switch in July, here’s your first look

Follow from Capcom Arcade II Stadium Leak, the company has now closed the release date for its second batch in the series. It will be launched next month on July 22 for all platforms including the Nintendo Switch. As already confirmed, there will be a file enormous 32 classics in this set.

Each game in the second set will also be available for individual purchase for $3.99 or equivalent in the region. Otherwise, you can order the “full package”. Anyone who pre-orders or at least purchases the “Shortly After Launch” bundle will get the “Display Frames Set 1” DLC for free.

Like its predecessor, the Second Stadium Edition will include plenty of Quality of Life features. There are multiple save states, the ability to save and load mid-game, a rewind button, game speed customization, and difficulty adjustments. Additional options include visual features, and there will also be an invincible mode like free DLC.

The game’s unique “CASPO Class System” is also back, allowing players to earn points through games, and compete in timed and score-challenging challenging modes – unlocking a range of visual frames, and 2D and 3D locker designs.

Capcom has also had some bonuses and collaborations planned. for a specific time Street Fighter II – Global Warrior It is a free download originally Capcom Arcade Stadium. And if you pre-order or buy Capcom fighting group Soon after launch, you will get a free download of three wonders At Capcom Arcade II Stadium.

Here’s the full list via Capcom:

  • son son
  • save the bees
  • Gan Somoko
  • rumbling speed
  • High precision side weapons
  • Hisatsu Borakin
  • black Tiger
  • Street Fighter
  • tiger road
  • 1943 Kay – Midway Kaysen –
  • Rallye 2011 LED STORM
  • three wonders
  • AKA Dragon King
  • AKA Knights of the Tour
  • Saturday night and night masters of four slams
  • ECO fighters
  • Nickies
  • DARKSTALKERS – The Night Warriors –
  • Warriors of the Night – The Darkstalkers’ Revenge –
  • Street Fighter Alpha – Warriors Dreams
  • Megaman – Battle of Power –
  • Street Fighter Alpha 2
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
  • Megaman 2 – Power Fighters –
  • AKA VAMPIRE SAVIOR – The Vampire Master –
  • capcom sports club
  • Super Gym Fighter – Mini Mix –
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3
  • HYPER STREET FIGHTER II – Anniversary Edition –
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