March 22, 2023

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Canadians boycott men's soccer match with Panama

Canadians boycott men’s soccer match with Panama

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Speaking of political and sporting issues, the phenomenon of protest soccer teams has spread north of the border. The Canadian men’s team refused to play a friendly match against Panama on Sunday after a dispute with the team Canada Football Club on exactly how to distribute the money from their upcoming World Cup appearance.

This is part of a message released by the players:

“Football Canada has not respected our team and has jeopardized our efforts to raise standards and effectively improve the game in Canada,” the letter read. “We hope Canada Soccer will take decisive steps to work with our team so that we can return to the field for our game on June 9.”

The players apologized to the Canadian and Panamanian fans.

She said it turned out beautiful, with the players claiming that the organization would give them only 10 percent of the minimum $10 million they would get for their backs in Qatar, when they wanted 40 percent. Canadian Football says the players demanded all of it, while offering 60 per cent. However, Canadian football is hard to believe because, well, they are the bosses. It’s also complicated because Canada Soccer has grown its business into something called Canada Soccer Business,It does not mean that they publish their financial statements on a website where everyone can see them. The players also called for equal pay arrangements for men and women players, similar to the American football team and their national teams that agreed.

It’s a great move from the players, who have this window and one in September to prepare for the World Cup, so every match counts more than most friendlies. It’s hard to believe this will be resolved by the time the Canadian Nations League matches kick off later in the week, although the idea that they won’t take the field in Qatar is a far fetched one at this point.

However, they do wield a lot of leverage, as this will be Canada Soccer’s biggest payday in quite some time, and even players drooping at the mere thought of not having it, should move some mountains.

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