June 5, 2023

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Call for a boycott in India against the Spider-Man actor

New Delhi, India.- British actor Tom Holland, Which creates Spider man On the big screen, he was embroiled in a huge Twitter controversy in India for his tongue-in-cheek comment about the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, Made by another person of the same name.

British historian Tom Holland goes on Twitter under the name @holland_tom, mocking the Indian Prime Minister on Wednesday for naming a large cricket stadium.

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“I am a big fan of the humility Modi shows when he gives his name to the world’s largest cricket stadium,” the historian wrote on the social networking site.

The release of the tweet sparked an angry reaction in India, where the historian’s Twitter account starred the famous actor, 24. Spider man Movies and its Twitter user es @ TomHolland1996.

After this mess, thousands of messages spread the label #Boycotspider Man The country has a population of 1,300 million.

“This is an internal problem in India. We are going to give a life lesson to #Boycodsfider Menu,” one Netizen wrote.

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Actor Hollande, who was active this week on Twitter to promote the Spider-Man movie, ignored the controversy.

Instead, the historian apologized with a certain degree of British contradiction: “By God, I seem to have destroyed the expectations of the next Spider-Man in India.”

The stadium in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) in India was named on Wednesday Narendra Modi.

With 110,000 spectators, this macro sports complex was one of his major projects when the current Prime Minister was the head of the Gujarat state government.

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