March 24, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Bus market recovery in India

Carl-Alexander Seattle, Director, Daimler Buses India, He said: “This important order from the first time buyer demonstrates the growing confidence in Bharatbens buses in the Eastern Region. Bharatbens buses come with simple handling and long service intervals.

“We hope that passengers traveling between cities will enjoy the comfort and safety of Bharat Benz buses. Naval operators will be able to ensure quality service at our well-equipped contact points,” said Gautam Trucking CEO Pankaj Ka Gautam.

The 1017 and 1624 buses have a maximum capacity of 170 and 240 hp

Bharat Benz buses have many features to help prevent the spread of infections including ‘BSF’, well-equipped doors, disinfectants and temperature sensors.

The 1017 and 1624 buses have a maximum torque of 170 and 240 hp and 520 and 859 Nm of torque respectively. Features of the Intercity bus include an overdrive gearbox, parabolic springs, and front and rear telescopic shock absorbers. Bharat Benz 1017 buses offer exceptional performance and comfortable travel for passengers. Buses come with a cohesive ‘profit technology +’ built on five basic pillars that will benefit Bharat Benz customers. These include better fuel efficiency, better safety and comfort, unmatched reliability, lower maintenance costs and connectivity.

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