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Britney Greiner: The US Embassy in Moscow found the basketball player "in good shape" after gaining access to the consulate

Britney Greiner: The US Embassy in Moscow found the basketball player “in good shape” after gaining access to the consulate


An official from the US Embassy in Moscow found an American basketball player Britney Greiner to be “in good shape”, having recently been granted consular access to the American athlete in custody RussiaState Department spokesman Ned Price told CNN on Wednesday.

An embassy official was allowed into Grenier on Tuesday, according to Price, the first official government access to Grenier since Russia has held her since mid-February.

“We have been able to verify her case, and we will continue to work closely with her legal team, with her broader network, to ensure she is treated fairly,” Price told CNN’s Bobby Harlow.

“Our official has found Britney Greiner to be in good condition and we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure that she is treated fairly during this ordeal.”

Grenier, a two-time Olympic gold medalist and a player on the WBNA’s Phoenix Mercury team, was arrested in February at a Moscow airport and accused by Russian authorities of smuggling large quantities of a narcotic substance. An offense punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

A Moscow court last week Greiner’s detention extended Until May 19, according to the Russian news agency TASS.

A source close to the situation said that the investigation is underway, and a trial date has not been set CNN last week.

greener The legal team had access to it She was able to see her several times a week during her detention in Russia.

Earlier this week, US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan met with the Russian Foreign Ministry on Monday and “demanded that the government of Russia follow international law and basic human morality to allow consular access to all US citizens detained in Russia, including those previously held.” for trial.”

The Russian state agency TASS reported that the US consul did not visit Grenier, despite the readiness of the Russian authorities to “create all conditions” for the visit.

But the US embassy in Moscow said it had “repeatedly requested” consular access to Greiner and other detained US citizens, “and has been consistently and inappropriately denied access for several months”. US citizens Paul Whelan and Trevor Reid are also in custody in Russia.

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