March 25, 2023

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Brazil and India NNDC | Economy

The government on Monday extended international flights from Brazil and India to the first half of August as part of preventive and control measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

According to It was published in the official newspaper “El Peruvano”, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MDC) has ordered to extend it from 1 to 15 August 2021. “Suspension of passenger flights from the Republic of South Africa, the Federation of Brazil and the Republic of India”.

This is the ninth extension the government has received through MDC since last March, when it ordered the suspension of passenger flights from the United Kingdom, the Republic of South Africa and the Federal Republic of Brazil. -19.

The government has established that passengers on international flights entering Peru must submit a molecule or antigen test that is negative for COVID-19, the results of which are given up to 72 hours per flight.

They must also complete an affidavit of their health status and geolocation online. Upon arrival in Peru, passengers may be subjected to molecular or antigen testing. If the result is negative for COVID-19, they do not need to be isolated.

As part of the guidelines to prevent the spread of the corona virus in aviation, the government has ruled that passengers must wear a mask and face mask at the airport and during flight.

The ministerial resolution was approved by MTC President Eduardo Gonzalez.