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Boris Johnson goes to India to talk about trade and security | World | D.W.

The British government on Saturday (04/16/2022) announced that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will travel to India next weekend to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi for trade and strategic talks.

Boris Johnson said in a statement that at a time when our peace and prosperity are being threatened by authoritarian governments, it is essential that democracies and friends stand together.

“India, a major economic power and the largest democracy in the world, is a very important strategic partner for the United Kingdom in these uncertain times,” he added.

Johnson’s visit will focus on “what really counts” for the people of both countries, “from job creation and economic growth, to energy security and security.”

India and the United Kingdom have differing views on the situation in Ukraine. While London has increased sanctions against Russia and supported kyiv through arms smuggling, the Modi government has not openly condemned the Russian invasion of the UN.

For India, Russia is a “best friend” and a “key pillar” of its foreign policy as a strategic partner for its national security.

Downing Street reports that Johnson and Modi will hold “in-depth discussions” on “strategic security” and “diplomatic and economic partnership” in the capital, New Delhi, on April 22.

The talks seek to “strengthen our close partnership and intensify security cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region.”

Following Brexit, the region is now at the forefront of British diplomacy. Johnson will also try to advance negotiations to launch a free trade agreement with India.

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