April 2, 2023

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Boris Johnson cancels trip to India on corona virus

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson canceled a scheduled visit to India on Monday next week, saying it was the right move as COVID-19 infections were on the rise in the country.

India is facing a second wave of the virus, with the number of infections exceeding 15 million, lagging behind the United States. Delhi is scheduled to close on Monday evening.

Sure, it’s disappointing, but we’re trying to reproduce as far as we can. “

“(Prime Minister of India) Narendra Modi and I have basically come to a conclusion that, sadly, I cannot continue the journey,” Johnson told reporters. “I think the most reasonable thing to do is procrastinate.”

Johnson has already postponed a trip once since January, when Govt-19 infections were high in the United Kingdom.

A joint statement from the British and Indian governments stated that the trip had been canceled. “Instead, Prime Minister Modi and Johnson will speak later this month and begin approving their ambitious plans for future UK-India cooperation.”

Johnson has already postponed a single trip since January, when Govt-19 infections were high in the United Kingdom.

Relations with India are seen as a key component of post-British options, including the revival of trade with countries outside the EU and the diplomatic drive to gain greater influence in the Indo-Pacific region.

“Of course it will be disappointing, but we will try to reproduce as far as we can, and then hope to do it in person when circumstances allow, and before the COP (climate) summit in November, we will hopefully get Narendra Modi coming to the G7 in June,” Johnson said.

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The UK has invited India to attend the G7 summit in June.

British health officials said they were investigating a variant of Govit-19 that appeared in India on Sunday, but there was not yet enough evidence to classify it as a risk variant. (Information by William James, edited by Andy Bruce and Angus Maxwan, translated by Ida Belize in the Gdansk Newsroom)