June 2, 2023

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BMW G 310 RR: A2 Licensed Hi-Sport for India and China


The Bavarian house has no plans to bring the G 310 RR to Europe as it feels that it is a model that is more suitable in Asia where the 300 cc displacement is considered.”Big motorcycle”. Its price in India is Rs 285,000 (approx €3,484 For change), this represents an important exchange of money in the market. There is a country 1.3 billion citizens and an increasingly high standard of living. Comparisons are distasteful and if we look at some Asian and European parameters, we will understand that the old continent is not the priority of brands.

G 310 RR is a model “Premium”In India: TFT color screen, LED lights, mechanical modes, anti-lock clutch, aluminum swingarm and ABS. A single cylinder gives 34 hp (25 kW) 9700 cc, bike weight 174 kg (with 11 liter tank at 90%) and maximum speed is calculated 100 miles Come on, this model can satisfy any young (and not so young) Indian (or Chinese) fan.

The TVS Apache RR 310 is already tuned to meet the Indian BS6 emission standard. Euro5 of the Old Continent, so in that respect, BMW almost gets the job done when selling the new model in Europe.

The wait is over: lucky Indian fans can now opt for the sporty BMW G 310 RR, which will only be available in that market and China, two of the inclusion countries, unless the tables turn. 2.7 billion population…