June 7, 2023

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BlackRock: Time to invest in China, not India

Black rock It shows Confident Regarding the results Political sanctions in China, The country you consider to be a good time to invest with attractive ratings. When To reduce Your investments India, Step Ishika Mukherjee and John Cheng N Yahoo Finance.

“Estimates are important now,” he said. Belinda Boa, Director of Active Investments for Asia Pacific, In an information session. “Due to the excellent performance we have seen in India this year, relatively, we are starting to make a profit and Chinese growth stocks are becoming more positive.”

Following the global upswing, Indian stock markets plummeted Lowering standards Investors and Concerns Fluid adjustment. Not forgetting the poor performance IPOs. There is also strong optimism that Chinese stocks will rise. Probably the worst political obstacles have already been overcome in the East.

Portfolio Restructuring

BlackRock has restructured its Asia-centric portfolios Very neutral positions in China, On top of that being lighter and reducing the option for lightweight internet service companies.

“Now is the time to position yourself in the China market,” he said. Lucy Liu, Equity Portfolio Manager for Global Emerging Markets, In the same interpretation. For the Internet and real estate sectors, “economic growth could be surprisingly inverted, with signs of a downturn”.

“The Optional cost Probably will not return Pre-Kovit positions And this precios upstream They will control inflation and stay in moderation, “Liu said.” With an aid Compliant monetary policy, The environment is ‘very favorable’ for growth stocks in China, ”according to Blackrock, which invests around four themes in China: Sustainability, self-sufficiency, social equality and data security.

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Index NSE Nifty50 Traded in India 21 times Estimates of future earnings, compared to many others 14 times CSI 300, According to compiled data Bloomberg.

However, the company is positive Long-term India Due to Strong portfolio of structural reforms, economic growth and equity concessions. “There has to be one Continuous increase in IPO listings, With opportunities in both fields Technology and the new economy Especially from India, ”Boa commented.

The BlackRock session ended lower at $ 930.72. When Ei indicators are mixed.