January 31, 2023

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Biden speaks on Russia and Ukraine amid pressure from Congress over sanctions – live | US news

We also have a statement on Ukraine from Mitch McConnell Kentucky, Senate Minority Leader. He’s more respectful of Biden than his words Lindsey Grahamstated below.

Mitch McConnell.

Mitch McConnell. Photo: J Scott Applewhite/AP

Interesting (ish) sidenote: Joe Biden still McConnell calls a frienddespite the Republicans’ harsh approach to partisan politics that included highlights such as Committed To make Barack Obama (Biden’s old president, lest we forget) a “one-term president” and blocking Obama’s choice, Merrick Garlandeven from a Supreme Court bench hearing.

Biden Still not calling Graham a friendbecause of Graham’s loyal support of Donald Trump for better or worse.

In any case, McConnell condemns his statement on Ukraine Russian President Vladimir Putin He says, “All the free nations in the world will be affected if [his] Aggression is allowed to stand unchallenged.”

“The world is watching,” McConnell says. “Our allies, adversaries, and neutral nations will all judge the West by our response – and plan their future accordingly.”

McConnell says Putin “must pay a much heavier price for his previous conquests.” Georgia And the Ukraine. This must begin, but not end, with the imposition of devastating sanctions on the Kremlin and its enablers. The president must not waste time using his existing broad powers to impose these costs.”

McConnell also wants NATO and EU actions. Welcomes Germany Nord Stream 2 pipeline suspensionwhich he says “should turn into permanent cancellation”.

McConnell commends Ukraine for standing up to Russia, concluding: “The United States and our allies around the world must fully recognize the growing threats posed by decades of Chinese and Russian military modernization. We need to rebuild our atrophic capacity to deter and defend against the aggression of these enemies. This means we must invest more aggressively in our military capabilities to keep up. Our budgets must reflect reality.

“America and its partners are strongest when we work together, but the collective response to these threats must be led by Washington and President Biden and his administration.”

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