March 22, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Bhagwal, This is the barbaric stone war that takes place every year in India

Bhagwal is the annual stone war celebrated in India as an offering to the deity Parahi. The purpose of this battle is simple: throw stones to harm others. The operation was a tradition in the country and the last edition ended with 77 people injured in just 7 minutes.

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It’s like water balloon warfare, but changing water, and balloons for stones. It is a regular celebration of the Uttarakhand region of India. A pitch battle involving hundreds of people and throwing stones and covering hands does not help much. It’s good to be stone-throwing here.

Bhagwal means “stone fight”, who would have guessed it. The rules are also easy to understand. This game involves creating two pages and first collecting all possible stones and then throwing them at the opposing team. Each team has a kind of giant shields that protect themselves from the stones of the other team. The purpose is to hurt the enemy, to do all the bloody best. All this in a seven minute battle. That, of course, ends with half of the hospital participants.

This battle is based on the history of Devidura which takes place every year. According to legend, this place was once occupied by demons. The four local tribes of Devidura (Valik, Samyal, Lamgeria and Kaharwal) were unable to protect themselves from the threat (which is why the holy water was not taken away at that time) and had to pray to Farahi to save the city. The deity agreed, but imposed one condition: to offer human sacrifice every year. Since then, the clans have alternately sacrificed themselves.

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However, the grandmother of a child who was to be sacrificed for a year begged Goddess Parahi to avoid the sacrifice. The deity agreed that, in fact, killing a child was not a good idea and in return, every year on Rocky Day the four clans were asked to throw stones at each other. Thus, the blood shed in war will transform human sacrifice.

Bhagwai is a traditionally established and is repeated regularly every year, this year even Kovit could not stop the war. The end result was that 77 people were injured and required medical attention.

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