May 30, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Beware India – Third

India must prioritize Chile’s foreign policy. This is an area not yet explored by Chile, but has tremendous potential for our country and Latin America. With its fascinating ancient civilization of more than 36 million deities, the center of vast spirituality and culture, India is a nation that arose into the world with aggression in the 2000s and will never sleep again. Growth is projected at 11.5% in 2021.

He is even less visible due to the phenomenon of being the “second best student” which left India with a low profile in the face of China’s awakening. The truth is that its growth has continued in recent years and its domestic market is enormous: it is the second largest country in the world with a population of 1,368 million.

Poverty has halved in recent decades and its growing middle class is able to buy new products and services. The study of this market should be a priority for the foreign policy of the next Chilean government. Everything indicates that India will follow China’s path with regard to the intensity of urbanization and construction, in terms of raw materials only, which will reflect a new boom that will directly benefit Chile and Latin America.

With $ 2 billion in trade between the two countries before the epidemic and the integration of India as our country’s seventeenth partner, the potential in other areas is huge. Below its possibilities.

For example, during my last trip to India, I was able to appreciate the growth of its digital and technology sector which has attracted some of the best software companies in the world. India is in line with this industry-demanding advanced human capital creation, graduating half a million programmers a year. The number that America or anyone else wants. This puts India at the forefront of the new economy.

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For this and many other reasons Chile should consider the “Indian Wonder”.

* Vladimir Mirosevic, Liberal Party deputy.