May 28, 2023

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Between restaurants and great cocktail bars with years of history | on the streets of Bombay traveler

Tradition and modernity go hand in hand in India’s most avant-garde city. Mumbai. However, it has not abandoned its age-old gastronomic heritage. Along with iconic restaurants where you can try the most traditional curries, in recent years, and in recent months, many bars and cocktail bars have emerged. Cold from the country. This is a selection of some representative places where you can visit their bar, with the excuse that it is celebrated this Saturday, May 13. World Cocktail Day.

Rose Bar in Pneuma

Located in the heart of Colaba, Mumbai’s old quarter, Neuma (4 Mandlik Road) is a club that will hit the night scene in mid-2022. , in addition to the rose bar, the architect’s spectacular design Ashish Shah With red lights and a dance floor, you can dine on fusion cuisine Pneuma Restaurant, on the same floor —lit by bell-shaped lamps from a Shiva temple— or on the pleasant terrace on the top floor. Rose’s cocktail menu includes some originals Fish house milk punchSoftened with buffalo milk, or Pistols at dawn, based on the Indian Attican variety of tequila and coffee. Among the clients are the most popular Bollywood stars.

Britannia Restaurant

“Since I started at 14, I haven’t worked here in years, just 83,” he admitted to me. Mr A few months before the outbreak of the Boman Kohinoor epidemic when I was in command. The legendary owner of Britannia Restaurant (11, Ram Ghulam Marg) died in 2019 at the age of nearly a hundred, but his place, in the heart of the picturesque surroundings of the nearly century-old fort, continues to serve. Rice dishes with nuts and berries from Iran with chicken or lamb – a recipe created by Mrs. Kohinoor; He Salli BodiAccompanied by a Persian lamb curry Sabbaths (Typical Indian wheat cakes), or Bombay Duck, which is not really a duck, but a well-fried fish from the Arabian Sea. Late Queen Elizabeth Mr. A classic restaurant that members of the Windsor family usually don’t miss when they stop in Bombay to show their letters and greetings to Bowman.

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Colaba Social Club

Located in front of the back facade of the glamorous hotel Taj Mahal PalaceHe Colaba Social Club in Apollo Bunder Another trendy cocktail bar and bar in Mumbai’s tourist district. Its customers include many modern people who dance to the beats set by the DJ and eat some spicy food. This is a convenient place for someone who wants to continue the night before the Taj Mahal Palace bars close early.

A table at Thai Pavilion, a Thai restaurant in Mumbai.

Mother Pavilion

He The beautiful President Hotel Restaurant at Coffee Parade, One of the main kitchen tips the mother In Bombay, it’s best to switch to Indian cuisine without straying away from the Asian flavors that mark a trip to this country. The Thai Pavilion offers excellent curries softened by coconut, salads rich in brown tones with mango. Or papaya or traditional soups the mother as Tom Yangung, Garnished with cilantro and lemon juice.

Leopold Cafe

It is a renowned establishment on the Colaba Causeway in the south of the city, in business since 1871. Leopold Cafe and Restaurant, founded and still run by Iranians who immigrated to Bombay, is the first stop for most tourists visiting the city. This is because it works as a kind of decompression chamber to deal with the culture shock experienced by a Westerner recently arriving in India. Leopold’s has an extensive menu of Indian and European dishes, so you can choose from spicy curries or sandwiches and ribeyes, omelets, or swap. Masala Or for the European they also serve beer, good natural juices and espresso coffee. Perfect for a nice breakfast. On the walls, a Zoroastrian portrait headed by Ahura Mazda alternates with seventies rock posters bearing bullet marks from a November 2008 machine gun attack on the compound by a terrorist group.

The interior of Leopold Cafe, a famous establishment in the Colaba area of ​​South Bombay, has been in business since 1871. Zvonimir Athletics (Image: Alamy)

See Eau

He Oberoi Hotel Bar and Cocktail Bar, at Nariman Point, the business district, is a must-stop on a tropical night in the city. Furnished by a sophisticated interior design in red, a metal tree sprouts from the center of the room, creating an intricate iron railing, plus its unbeatable views over the Arabian Sea from the terrace. Cocktails are on the house Berry MimosaHowever, for many customers, it is their choice Classic Martini.

Talky Talky

New to the Bombay scene, The restaurant, lounge and Talky Talky Bar, In the Lower Parade district (Senapati Babat Marg), in the heart of the city, it offers pan-Asian cuisine and cocktails in its elegant bar with Far Eastern-inspired decor: marble floors, red velvet armchairs and what seems to be the latest trend in the city, again in subdued red tones. Glowing.

Taki Taki Bar Counter in Lower Parade District.


He The mini bar of the luxurious Taj Mahal Palace Hotel He was the first to get a liquor license in the city and his famous cocktail From the port since 1933 In memory of the two sailors who died that night, America celebrates the end of prohibition The bartender Drink something strong to celebrate them.

Bombay Blazer Cocktail, a specialty of the Haber Bar.

The result is a drink based on gin, natural fruit juice and cognac flambé. Located two steps away from Bombay’s most iconic Gateway of India, Apollo Punder.

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