March 30, 2023

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Being a health volunteer in very rural India

The Vicente Ferrer Foundation commemorates 25 years of support with an exhibition and talk by Manolo Fillol at the General Hospital.

In 2022, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation (FVF) completes 25 years of health volunteerism. In India Rural. One of the organization’s most iconic projects, Pathalapalli Hospital, was called upon in 1997 to help health professionals improve their services. Since then, more than 500 professionals have formed part of the FVF Health Volunteers, an essential team to provide quality healthcare to the most vulnerable people and the most remote villages in South India.

Among the most important features (Surgery, Gynecology and Paediatrics) the Valencian community is over-represented by volunteer health workers. Manolo Fillol, gynecologist who was head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Service at La Plana University Hospital in Vila-Real She has been associated with Pathalapally Hospital since 2010 and since 2015 she has been the coordinator of the Voluntary Gynecologists Foundation.

Like him, other health professionals Castellón, Alicante and Valencia They have maintained a united commitment which is essential for improving health services in India.

In commemoration of this year, FVF has organized Exhibition brings health, A photo exhibition that will tour almost 50 health and education centers throughout Spain and is already on display at the General University Hospital of Castellón. Acknowledging the work and testimonies of voluntary health workers, the exhibition aims to make their work recognized and visible over the past 25 years and to involve more people in the health program of voluntary organizations.

around to happen There will be a talk with the participation of Manolo Fillol, who will bring us closer to his experience as a volunteer gynecologist in India at the hands of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. It will be held on March 1st at 1:00 PM in the third floor auditorium of the hospital.

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Is quality sanitation possible on the frontiers of rural India? This is one of the questions raised by the exhibition. “Our sense of mission was inspired when Vicente Ferrer told us to provide maximum excellence to the most disadvantaged patients. AnantapurJust like we do with our patients in Spain”, explains Valencian Juan Garcia Armengol, volunteer digestive surgeon for 20 years.

One of the greats Challenges Ensuring access to quality healthcare for all people in India and creating awareness about healthy habits. The Foundation has developed a network of public hospitals and rural clinics in the most remote areas of South India. The role of medical and health volunteers is crucial in integrating this health structure.

Action of system It reaches 3,819 cities and nearly three million people. In the past year, the trust has carried out more than 600,000 consultations and 700 orthopedic surgeries across its network of hospitals, attending 14,900 hospital deliveries and 1,833 patients in neonatal ICUs. Also, nearly 1,800 talks have been given on health and wellness.

to Anna Ferrer, President of the FVF “A volunteer is someone who pours his heart and mind into helping and caring for others, and this is the best contribution to the world we live in. Volunteers are the spirit that moves the world and makes it a better place.

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