June 5, 2023

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Avoid the very bad PC port of “The Last Of Us” for now

Sony has been doing fairly well with its series of PC ports of older, previously exclusive PlayStation games. But if there was a streak, it’s now over, thanks to the disastrous port of The Last of Us Part I Remake on PC.

issues? where do I start. It’s poorly optimized, and often runs terribly at a poor frame rate on any level of machine. Crashes, silly shader compilation times, weird bugs, and uh some interesting visuals on places like the Steam Deck, as we saw above, where the game has yet to be verified.

All of this led to an avalanche of negative reviews for the port, which was well received when it was originally launched on the PlayStation. It’s 66% of “mostly negative” reviews on Steam, and that’s unlikely to change until major overhauls are in place.

naughty dog He is In the process of making those repairs, and Rare mea culpa error issued About the quality of the release, as the studio is usually known for polishing (at the expense of dev crunch, sometimes).

“The Last of Us Part I PC Players: We’ve heard your concerns, and our team is actively investigating many of the issues you’ve reported. We’ll continue to keep you updated, but our team prioritizes updates and will address issues in upcoming patches.”

They also released a list Known problems I was plagued by the game, including:

  • Loading shaders is taking longer than expected
  • Performance and stability deteriorate while loading shadows in the background
  • Older graphics drivers lead to instability and/or graphic issues
  • The game may not be able to boot even though the minimum system requirements are met
  • Possible memory leak
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Not great! So far, we don’t have a timing for fixes here, but until then, no, I absolutely don’t recommend buying The Last of Us on Steam for $60, and if you do, definitely don’t try to make it work effectively on the Steam Deck. There are a lot of problems to solve, and it’s not clear how this was allowed to happen.

There’s some speculation that this was rushed to try to capitalize on The Last of Us airing on HBO, which may be true, though the series was already benefiting from a huge sales boost prior to that, so they didn’t have to rush it if they did. that. . But yeah, something went wrong here, and that’s an outlet worth avoiding until important repairs are made.

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