March 29, 2023

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Avengers have an Avengers-level 'workaround' for the PS5 crash

Avengers have an Avengers-level ‘workaround’ for the PS5 crash

Avengers Endgame

screenshot: marvel

Anyone still playing? marvel avengers On the PS5 for the past few days, you may have encountered a game crashing issue. If so, there is a “workaround” as of today. It’s just a pretty drastic thing.

As the team said in a statement, while they “continue to investigate the issue that caused some PS5 players to crash,” they “believe we have identified a fix that is currently being implemented/tested.” In the meantime, they add, there is a “workaround to fix the problem for some players”, although as dangerous as the workaround is, you may want to wait for the fix to be implemented/tested.

Just note that it will reset your campaign progress. One would guess that the whole point of launching the game might be so continue Your campaign advances, so this doesn’t seem like the kind of advice any sane person should follow if there’s an actual not-so-awful fix coming soon!

Replies to this ‘fix’ on Twitter are all about what to expect

The reason I want to start the game is so that I can keep playing halfway with lmao. I guess I’ll wait until tomorrow 🤷‍♂️

“Just a little note for you: you have to start over.”

This is an advanced technique known colloquially as “game reinstallation”.

I did not do that

So yes, please don’t do this.

We’ve contacted Square Enix for comment.

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Spider-Man and Discordant Sound raid arrive at Marvel’s Avengers next week. With no new characters announced other than Spidey, and the game’s ongoing struggles to keep players engaged, this could be the end of Square Enix’s less-funny Marvel game line.

Avengers add paid experience boosts, piss everyone off

last week marvel avengers Added to Xbox Game Passsoon became one of the Most Played Console Games. Perhaps taking advantage of that forward momentum, this week Avengers It adds paid experience points to its cash store, something the developers said they committed not to do last year.

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