March 24, 2023

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At least 60 people have been killed in floods in Bangladesh and India

On May 21, 2022, villagers board a boat in front of houses in a flooded area in the Nagaon district of the Indian state of Assam. afp_tickers

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Floods in northeastern Bangladesh, the worst in nearly two decades, began to recede on Sunday, killing at least 60 people a week in the country and neighboring India, officials said.

First responders are still struggling to help millions of isolated people. The floods killed 10 people in Bangladesh and about 50 in India.

In Bangladesh, floods from northeastern India broke the banks of the Borak River, which is shared by both countries, and inundated at least 100 villages.

Arifusman Puyan, director of the Bangladesh State Flood Warning and Warning Center, told AFP that 70% of Sylhet district, the region’s largest city in the region, and 60% of Sunamganj district were affected by the floods.

“This is one of the worst floods in the region,” he declared. However, he said the situation would improve when the heavy rains stopped in the coming days.

Floods, landslides and storms in India have claimed about 50 lives in the past week, according to local disaster management officials.

Authorities in the northeastern Indian state of Assam have killed at least 18 people and displaced more than 92,000.

In Bihar state, 33 people were killed in thunderstorms on Thursday in western Assam.

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