June 5, 2023

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Argentina are double world champions in Cestopal

Women beat Sri Lanka | Photo: TW @DeportesAR

Argentina’s Cestopal became world champions today in the men’s and women’s categories in the first tournament of the regular season in Bangalore, India.

In both cases, the representative Albiceleste triumphed over their local counterparts in the finals.

In the men’s category, Argentina beat India by 75-61. Argentina defeated Bangladesh 66-40 in the semifinals to reach the final stage.

For its part, in the women’s category, Argentina won the title with a big win over India: 83-56. In the semi-finals, Albiceleste defeated Sri Lanka 52-16.

The women’s team, directed by Manuela Ledo, consisted of Candela Cicchinelli, Caterina Cicchinelli, Sol Debol, Paula Ferraro, Carla Gerboudo, Valeria Cascio, Chichi Labec, Belen Ladogana, Clara Ladogana, Juliana Miano Charo, M.

Meanwhile, under the command of Melina Veliz, the male roster includes Franco Carno, Maximiliano Gua, Santiago Frontera, Tomás Frontera, Luis Marchetti, Bruno Fernández, Ricardo Marturet, Martin Sambolesi, Gonzalo Sujeres, Fesloter, Fesloteri and Lionel.

Cestopal is a field founded in Argentina, more precisely in the city of Buenos Aires, at the beginning of the 20th century by Professor Enrique Romero Prest.

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During those years, secondary school students started practicing this sport in ‘Physical Education’ which – till then – basically consisted of military gymnastics exercises.

According to the Argentine Cestopal Federation, the sport was named “Basketball” until it changed its name in 1986 “with the aim of starting its international expansion”.