According to the latest industry rumors, Apple will launch in February next year Mass production of iPhone 13 in India. As pointed out, Apple has secured the supply of chips needed for mass production And test preparation has already begun The iPhone 13 is located at the Foxconn plant near Chennai, where the technology company also manufactures the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

In addition to the Foxconn plant in Chennai, Apple manufactures the iPhone SE at the Wistron facility in Bangalore. According to estimates, The company manufactures 70 per cent of its domestic iPhones in India.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Production of iPhone 13 in India should not only help Apple The price should be reduced Its latest iPhone in the domestic market, but Increase distribution abroad20-30% of iPhones made in India are generally exported to global markets.

Although Apple plans to start commercial production of the iPhone 13 in India from next February, the technology company says the source. There are no plans to build the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max In the world’s second largest smartphone market. Its high price would be one of the main reasons.

Via: The Economic Times