June 3, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Among the world’s best, he made his way to India

With over a thousand of the best decks in the world, the 50th Annual World Chess Open, One of the most traditional events of the discipline in the United States, it has been held since 1973. Grandmasters (GM) from various parts of the world attended the tournament at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown where $100,000 was distributed. Like prizes and 300 points for international ranking.

An example that had Champetrino Paul Salinas After he wrote his name among the winners, as one of its best protagonists. After nine rounds under the Swiss system, the regional GM scored seven points and finished first with seven players, giving the champion honors and a $20,000 prize.

A performance that will boost your bond as you aim for the next challenge you face later this month Indian Chess Olympiad.

Learn to give yourself confidence

“I’m very satisfied because it’s one of the most important events in America. I played two matches in Philly, which was the highlight. I can say that I tried a lot and won it, although it was very strange that the first place was divided among eight players, and the prize was equally divided. It was strange. There was, I have not touched something like this, I played in the tournament before going to the World Cup in Russia last year, but this time there was not even an award,” said Salinas.

“But I’m still happy because it was a tournament with players up to 2700 ELO points, very strong and despite that I was able to improve my game a lot,” he added.

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The athlete showed his high performance in preparation for participation in the 2022 Chennai Olympics, which will be held between July 28 and August 10. The 44th edition of the event will bring complete chess players from 187 countries and women from 162 countries and the largest participation in history.

“Now I am preparing for the Olympics, where I hope we can do a good job. We are very united and motivated with the team, so we hope it will go well for us,” he said, referring to the historic tournament at the Four Points at the Sheraton Convention Center in India. This is a multi-chess cradle.It dates back to 600 BC when the game was played with the Sanskrit name “Chaturanga”.

“And then I want to keep playing tournaments, I’ll be at the Blitz & Rapid World Cup before the end of the year, which would be great. I need to reach an ELO of 2550 first to maintain myself, then 2600. I’m very close, and I’ll get to that level more and more. Hopefully, I think I’ve been playing well lately and we have to take advantage of that,” he sentenced.