March 21, 2023

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Alberto Fernandes meets Narendra Modi to strengthen bilateral ties with India

Munich (Special Ambassador) .- In his framework Visit to Germany To attend G-7 summit, President Alberto Fernandez The European Prime Minister met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi this evening in Europe. In addition to the two full sessions of the summit he will address tomorrow, this will be the first bilateral meeting the President will travel through German lands. This Monday he is meeting with the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom. Boris Johnson; From Italy, Mario Draghi; From Japan, Fumio Kishida; And with the German Chancellor Olaf Scholes. In addition, he will hold meetings with the President of the European Commission. Ursula van der LeyenAnd the Council of Europe, Charles Michael.

The meeting between Fernandes and Modi took place this afternoon on the ground floor of the Bayreuth Hof Hotel in the most exclusive area of ​​Munich where the Argentine President is staying. Fernandez reunited with the entire entourage that came with him on this tour. Among them, Foreign Minister Santiago Kafiro spoke to reporters about the tour after the meeting.

Nut water He expressed the desire of the two leaders to strengthen bilateral relations in view of the fact that bilateral trade with India was a record last year.. Almost simultaneously, Modi said that “ways to deepen trade and cultural ties between India and Argentina” were discussed through his social networks.

Alberto Fernandez and Sergio Massa meet Narendra Modi at the G7 summit in Munich, Germany.Presidency

The meeting lasted about an hour. And as Kafiro explained, they discussed trade with that country Sunflower oil and soy flour, From Argentina to India. “This year we think we’re going to break last year’s identity again,” Kafiro said. He also called the president Fernandes told Modi of his desire to join the BRICS, as the official himself made known at the summit of the committee this Friday.

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The Foreign Minister stressed that “progress has been made” in the bilateral agenda of the two countries and that they are “interested” in electromobility and agricultural development from India. As well as “possibly leaving a message from the global south,” the official explained.

Alberto Fernandez at the G7 Summit in Munich, Germany
Alberto Fernandez at the G7 Summit in Munich, GermanyPresidency

There was mutual trust between Fernandes and Modi in government, and in the previous one highlighted India as “Argentina’s 4th trading partner and with perspectives on sustainable development”. He insisted After the official’s meeting with Modi last May, India has ordered an increase in soybean meal to 550,000 tonnes, which is approximately $ 220 million.

Fernandez arrived in Munich at 3:00 pm today to attend the G-7 summit convened by Foreign Minister Scholes last May. Hosted by Germany, who will head to this year’s summit, Schlz will receive Fernandes again tomorrow. It is located in Elmaw Castle, 100 km south of Munich.