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Albarez highlights Spanish companies to support India’s growth

This content was released on June 15, 2022 – 15:35

New Delhi, June 15 (EFE) .- Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albarez on Wednesday highlighted in India the potential of the Spanish business sector to assist the Asian nation in its development projects. Friendships facing global challenges.

“India, with a population of 1.3 billion, is absolutely essential to managing global affairs and as a key country for stability in this part of the world, we want to strengthen our bilateral relations,” Efe said. Told the Spanish minister.

After concluding a one-day official visit to New Delhi today, Albarez met with his Indian envoy Subramaniam Jaisankar to focus on determining the points at which they can cooperate, use renewable energy and tackle challenges such as Spain. Experience in carrying out projects in India.

“Spanish companies are committed to adding value to all projects and initiatives of the Government of India in all areas, including railways, infrastructure, airports, water, renewable energy, and green energy,” he said.

Spain is one of India’s major trading partners within the European Union, with reserves of around, 5,697 million and India with a surplus of over 70 2,703 million.

New challenges

At the meetings, the Spanish Foreign Minister, among other issues, addressed Navandia’s prospects for a contract to build six submarines in India, valued at around ,000 6,000 million.

“We also talked about Spain’s more intelligent high-speed rail projects,” he added.

After years of negotiations, Spain is seeking new successes, such as last year’s peak when India formalized its purchase of 56C295 military aircraft from Airbus. Seville and 40 others are in an assembly line in an Asian country.

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At the same time, back in Europe, the Minister stressed that “there are ‘next generation’ funds for Indian companies in Spain”, with Spain receiving 150 150,000 million for economic recovery.

The Minister underlined the work that could not be done without a country like India, which has a population of 1.3 billion, and the implementation of “major global challenges and exchanges as to what can be done to mitigate climate change”.

The Minister also announced Spain’s participation in the International Solar Alliance, an Indian initiative that has been a special fit in recent months, as part of its agenda for future challenges, as well as the search for new clean energy sources that can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels.


Culture has established itself as one of the key links between Spain and India, which was strengthened today by the signing of the Joint Declaration of Cultural and Educational Cooperation by the Foreign Ministers of Spain and India.

“The main purpose of the declaration of this purpose is to establish a common framework for cultural and educational cooperation activities that should be encouraged and organized by both signatories,” Efe had access to.

The possibility of this cultural collaboration was shown at the 2011 Indian premiere of the Bollywood film Zindagi na Milegi Dobra (You Only Live Once) with a Spanish participation in the “Road Movie” describing the journey of a group of young Indians to Spain.

The film introduced Spain to India, where festivities such as sunfarms and especially tomadina became easily recognized events by Indians, and even the song “Senorita” in Spanish and Hindi became the theme of that summer, and for more than a decade, the mix is ​​still playing.

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The film unleashed a fever on Spain eager to travel to Europe.

To prevent this situation from happening again, Albarez also visited the building of the new Spanish Embassy today, which has not yet opened, which will increase resources to meet the growing demand for visas from Indian citizens.

This is the first official visit of the then Spanish Foreign Minister Joseph Porrell to India in January 2019, despite various factors, in anticipation of Spanish President Pedro Sanchez’s visit to Asia. Political instability and epidemics in Spain delayed this possible high-level trip.

The Spanish president’s intentions have not changed, and Sanchez “certainly has it on his agenda soon,” Albarez said. “It’s about finding the right dates,” he concluded. EFE

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